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The sixth sense, psychics, mediums, abilities and spirit guides.

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When I was a kid, I used to feel things very strongly. I could feel presences, I had dreams where people would give me messages, and I would get strong deja vu and could tell what was going to happen next. All of this really scared me to death, and given that I grew up in a churchgoing family (and am still a very religious person) I prayed for it to stop because I didn't feel normal and I was afraid.

It did stop for the most part. Since then (about twenty years ago after I started praying for all of it to stop), I've only had small interactions with the way I used to be. The deja vu still happens the most, but it was always the least jarring part. I've had two bigger experiences and they are as follows:

A few years ago, I had a dream that my brother was approached by someone in an alley and mugged. He tried to defend himself by pulling out a pocket knife with strange markings on the blade and that knife was quickly stripped from him and he was stabbed and killed with it. A few weeks after I had that dream, I saw my brother who told me he was given a knife earlier that day. He showed it to me, and it had the same strange markings on the blade (markings I don't believe I've ever seen on another knife). I took it from him and threw it away.

The second experience happened the day of my father's cancer screening. I had a dream where I was back in a house that I used to frequent in my dreams before I prayed for them to stop. I was met by a man who I sued to see in my dreams as well. He was always chasing me back then, but he never caught me. The man looked at me in this dream and muttered "I knew if I waited long enough, you would come back to me." Then he finally caught me and I was shaken awake by my family and told I was screaming.

The thing is both of these events happened during high stress times in my life. So I'm not sure if they're a symptom if the stress of if the stress is causing me to access something I prayed to have buried a long time ago. What's more, am I not living up to my full potential if I don't try to explore this?

What should I do?


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At times of high stress the human body can produce the fight or flight chemicals that enhance our survival rate. You have options to explore your dream abilities, the world is wonderful and we did come here to explore our senses however that is up to you.

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