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Visualisation to help you meet your Spirit Guides

The sixth sense, psychics, mediums, abilities and spirit guides.

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Pulled this up from the archived forum

Anyone can try this at home- all you will need is peace and quiet and to relax
This is a short visual to help you protect, connect with your guide and to ground afterwards

The Light Cocoon

1. Sit comfortably, with your feet on the floor. You don't need any music, just to be still .. quieten your thoughts

2. Take a deep round breath, in through your nose and out through your nose. Be comfortable.

3.Visualize a cocoon of silk light , like watching candy floss going round in a barrel. You may see this as a white light or another colour.

4. Now, the light cocoon encircles you in a clockwise direction: your feet, ankles, shins and knees, swirling upwards to your thighs, wrapping around your hips and waist, then your chest ,and up and around your shoulders.

It gets lighter all the time as it spins around your head, spiralling higher just above your crown.

5. Seal the cocoon by imagining that you are holding an inflated balloon, pinching the top with your fingertips to prevent any air escaping.

----- This is a simple protection method, you can use prior to any meditations or spiritual work, such as readings/healings or even day to day, to shield from negative. ----

Meeting your guide

1. Sit quietly. still your mind

2. Summon your light cocoon for protection.
Let it wrap around your whole body (as above)

3. Imagine a flower- any flower you like

4. Concentrate on really looking at your flower.
Examine its texture, colour, and shape.
Look inside the flower and see its energy, the life-force moving up through the stem and petals.
This helps get you away from your mind-talk.. to focus
This is an important technique to use when training yourself to expand the way in which you see things

5, Call your guide to you, ask them to step forward and give you a sense of who they are..
Say , 'I call, from the highest vibration and the greatest light, my spirit guides to come close &
let their presence be known to me.... I welcome you to communicate...Please let me know that you are around me

Remember to always trust what you are feeling and don't think that you cannot do this , anyone can do it but it may take a few attempts to feel anything.

Pay attention to any words you may hear, it may be a name. It could be gentle words of advice/wisdom .... you may see a face, or have an inner sense of emotion. Place awareness on each of your senses... what can you hear?
What do you see.... what do you feel....
Images may come, it's ok if they don't make sense to you right away. As soon as you are done with the visualization write down all that you have seen , heard & felt. You can repeat this any time and may notice that the longer you practice this, the more you'll feel. If you don't get anything the first time, try again or start over with the flower visual.

What you may notice:
You may feel as though someone is stroking your hair, or you may get a tingling sensation on your face.
Some describe sensations of cobwebs - the same you feel if you have walked into one
Others have felt coolness around them. A cool breeze or a warmth
You may see visuals of animals or places, names, there are many ways to receive .... trust that what you receive is relevant at the time. That you are just becoming familiar with the presense and energy of your guides

Advanced: If all goes well feel free to go further and try and ask your guides questions. See what is shown to you.
(write down afterwards.. sometimes things may make sense later)


Now look again at your flower and visualize each petal slowly closing shut. Thank your guides for coming to meet with you .......

Place awareness once again to your feet. Place them on the ground if they are not already, place awareness on the ground below you and gently stretch. Grab yourself some water, it's great for grounding

When you feel ready , you can end the visualisation here
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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