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Possible Past Life?

Is there really life after death?

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Unread post Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:33 am

From the time that I was a young child I've been plagued by a niggling feeling that there is something I have forgotten. A feeling which has not diminished over time. It's not just me forgetting something humdrum like not being able to remember where I put my keys or forgetting that I have something cooking in the oven. It's a different sort of feeling, more potent.

It feels like something is missing, something I can't quite put my finger on, like I once had "it" but now it is gone from both my life and my memory. Sometimes I feel like the answer is just on the tip of my tongue but It escapes me at the last second.

I don't have this feeling constantly but every couple of days, some worse than others, it hits me like a bus and it gives me a headache trying to force myself to remember whatever it is. It has lead me to believe that I may have a past life which for some reason a part of me is trying to recall.

On top of the feeling like I've forgotten something I've also been plagued with Deja Vu for as long as I can remember. Almost anything and everything can invoke the feeling of nostalgia and the sense that something has happened before. Sometime's it's just the sound of the rain on the windows, a dog barking, a smell or a texture and I'm over run with a sense of familiarity which then leads to me having the "I've forgotten something" feelings mentioned above.

I also have had a series of dreams which differ greatly from my other mundane run of the mill dreams. When I felt they were important i began keeping a dream journal and after going over it i realised that these dreams are all "set" so to speak in a different era. I'm no great historian but judging by the clothing and lack of modern amenities my best guess would be that they take place in the middle ages/medieval times or possibly earlier. In the dreams no one speaks English although I can understand every word. And judging by the accents and the sound of the language my best guess would be Irish or maybe Welsh.

If you have read this far thank you for taking time out of your day to do so. If you believe this sounds like I could possibly be picking up on a past life I'd love to hear some suggestions on how I can gain more understanding and make steps to remembering my previous incarnation. If I can do this without having to go to see a past life regression specialist that would be brilliant as I'd prefer to do it myself.

I do hope you are all well, I hope to hear from you all soon.

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Sounds like a past life memory recollection bubbling up particularly if you are hearing accents, too , is there an accent you are drawn to hear like irish or welsh, for example. If its a very strong draw also to the country then that in my eyes would be a past life coming up to the surface to go with. Just remember when a past life comes about it comes by spirit if its a genuine link it will be by spirit bringing it through.

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A couple of experiences mentioned in your post is eerily similar. Having De Ja Vu moments, and some nudging feeling moments that something had been forgotten. Only when I had attended to a psychic fair event months ago during the summer, I had a deep feeling in my gut like something I don't remember is buried deep into mind that I can only sense it but not memorize it. At the moment, I thought that I may have some kind of attachment which I told a tarot reader about in curiosity. I was lead to a couple of other sensitives in another room. And one of the sensitives told me to lend her my hand...which I did for a moment. She said that I don't have any attachment, that its a past life form of energy that is dwelling within. Find that very weird about the feeling I was experiencing for a few moments. But it started to make sense much later.

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