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past life memory, hopefully not present!

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:04 am
by CelticRose
Hiya all. Dreamed about what's known as the Pit in Bejing/China. Brought to mind the catacombs style building in france. An old building build in flint & brick. A lot of fear element associated with this dream, there were slave children trying to climb up from the pit in hopes that they would get out. Once out though they were lost and not sure what to do with the real world. Some had died trying to get out of this pit. There was a Chinese lady with green eyes, who was guard to this pit from the outside in; and the scene showed a few children who had gotten out, and those who were still trying to climb up the walls of this Pit. It was sorta like the scene from the James Bond movie where he had to climb up from it. but it wasn't related to James Bond, only in that way to show the scene. But a lot more scarier for the children. Very scary - I awoke from this dream at about 1:05. And told my guides I didn't want to experience anymore dreams like that at all because it was realistic. I'm really honestly hoping it was past life stuff because it was so emotional that it drew me to tears - I woke up with the song ' I knew you were waiting for me by Aretha Franklin - brought a whole new meaning to the song... any thoughts would be most appreciated.... if this is a past life,