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First Near Death Experience

Is there really life after death?

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Sun May 14, 2017 5:49 pm

I finally gathered up the courage to share my first near death experience on here.
(Fair warning: there is mention of abuse but I dont get into specifics for the sake of saving your time and I wouldnt feel comfortable sharing it anyway) Here goes nothing!

So on December 27 2014 was the day I almost died. The days before this date I was very emotionally distraught, suicidal, miserable and vulnerable. I had a verbal fight with my parents, we disagreed on many things, but it got physical.

My dad used physical force, my mom tried to stop my father but she also told me things like why can I be more like this or that so that I wont get hit. I cant remember exactly what I did to make my father so angry and upset but I was blamed for the pain I got. My sister was crying beside me and for me. My brother was worried but too young too understand. My family has always been dysfunctional.

The family drama happened on the day before I almost died which was Dec 26 2014. We sort of resolved things but not quite, so obviously I was still feeling very depressed and suicidal. I had it with my parents. Its so hard to deal with them. I felt I couldn't take it anymore. I felt I was at my ultimate limit.

I managed to fall asleep that night, but sometime in the morning I got an extremely comfortable, yet fuzzy feeling all over my body, but I was also conscious somehow. I couldnt move at all but I liked this feeling very much because it felt so soothing. Then, I saw and felt two angelic presences around my head, and they tried to pull my soul out of my body. First, they tried to pull arms and legs from my body, but I was scared and I didnt know where they wanted to take me. And then I thought that if they managed to take my whole soul from my body I would be dead. Only my chest and stomach area was still in my body but I didnt want to die yet so I kept resisting and eventually they let go of my arms and legs, they drifted away, and the fuzzy soothing feeling also slowly went away. Lastly, I woke up sitting on my bed in silence wondering what and why just happened.

There... Ever since then I believe in angels. And that was my first near death experience.


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Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:10 pm

HI Ellyion,

Please don't take this the wrong way....but what you had was an out of body experience. The spirits came to you as angels because mentally you accept that term. If a spirit came in it's true form, you would have fought it off sooner. They were trying to teach you and show you something by taking you somewhere.

A near death is as a traumatic event that you actually died and come back.

The feeling and interpretation can see similar in words but they are very different.

Lost Angel
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Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:14 pm

Sorry the term i drew a blank on was astral travel....that's what they were teaching you.

Out of body/Astral travel is the same.

Near death totally different but same feeling

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Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:36 pm

It was your experience and I accept it as how you described it. I hope things are better now.

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