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NDE: Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Is there really life after death?

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Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:13 pm

Mellen-Thomas Benedict, one of the most studied near-death experiencers in the world, told of knowledge he's accrued from being on the other side. Since his 1982 near-death experience in which he was without vital signs for 90 minutes, and left his body, he's been able to access the "light" every day.

What your opinions about that? Here is the link:
You can also find it in youtube:

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Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:45 pm

The farthest i'll go with physical manifestation is the manifestation through conscious/subconscious desire and energy alignment along with the physical action required to make it a reality. I think there is a definite way to alter the way of things in life through pure and balanced mental, spiritual and physical action but the mastery of this is so advanced and so delicate there simply isn't a way to fully describe or record such an event with absolute clarity that it would be understandable to more than a select group of society and if its not the majority then its just considered crazy and impossible just by simple statistics.

Its funny to think about that just a short while back I wasn't entirely convinced at all that there was something after death but through recent experiences and studies and research that ive piece together I absolutely believe in the possibility of it. Someone once said that if there wasn't a god or afterlife then man itself would feel the need to fabricate it in order to go on living and give life a real meaning than just to live and this I do believe as well.

All beliefs and unbelievable occurrences have a place in the reality of things and that's my ultimate life goal, to piece it together slowly over a lifetime and give it on when I'm long dead to further this understanding of our place in existence itself no matter how small a finding it might be, its simply not possible to do this over even several lifetimes.

To answer your question yes I definitely believe in life after death, the astral body and essence of ourselves will live on and where it will go I don't think ill ever know enough to say with certainty but we are eternal and a small piece of something greater that will become a part of the whole and be a part of that for the rest of eternity.

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