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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:55 pm
by Paradox Seeker
Hello I am Paradox Seeker.

Well Paradox is my real name and Seeker is my middle but meh. I am...well what can I say about myself?
I live in London, I am 25 years old but I look much younger (born size of a new born puppy like lab or gold retriever)
I have 4 brothers and we all are bonded - meaning we can feel each other's pain, emotions and we can 'telepath' each other. But we are not born in same day. We born in different days and years. I am the youngest.
I own some things that is to other people consider as UFO/alien artefacts. Like with weird writings that no language in Earth know of. Though I don't let anyone take them since it is mine, and I feel protective of them. One is around my neck as a necklace.

I am a cosplayer, voice actor (trying to be) and game tester.

Is there any question? I think....that is all I got on myself...