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Hello Everyone I'm Lyria and Im 27 yrs. old.

Come on tell us a bit about yourself, we don't bite!Image

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Well my nickname is Lyria so I use it instead of my Real Name and I like to Draw, paint, listen to music, read, and take photos.My biggest hobby is photography and I love to take landscape pictures the best. I'm an Empath, a Medium, and all in all paranormal person. I have dealt with spirits for my whole life since I was 3 and found out I could see them. I am pretty much a fun person to be around....and here to make some friends and connect with others whom are like me. I have a strict family that are all Catholic and keep telling my grandmother that I am crazy though I know some of them are just lying when they see some of the things that I see. All my life I have seen things and nothing ever made me want to act on what I see but here lately it is getting more frequent and it makes me want to be more alert to it and learn. Well that's about what I can think of to say in here for now. Anything u want to know then feel free to ask me. I don't kill someone for asking a question... :grin:
I'm a Medium Nice to Meet You. :wave:

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welcome to ABT Lyria nice to have you here. hope to meet you in chat :)
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ~ William Shakespeare

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:welcome2: to ABT Lyria. :thinktank:

Glad you found ABT.

Hoping to see you in Chat. Image



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Hi There Lyria, welcome to ABT :welcome2:

Good to have you join. It's a good place to learn and develop more with others who can relate to all kinds of experiences (mediumship included) We have mediumship development classes (all different kinds of classes but the chat room is great for learning too so feel free to come and join us all sometime

See you around

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hi lyria we met in chat already hope u enjoy this site amazing people here

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Hi Lyria, nice to meet you here. I am also relatively new (2 months) and have already learned many supporting people here.
I hope to see you soon in chat.

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Thanks everyone I have been busy but hoping to be on soon tonight or tomorrow been hanging with my Fiancee LOL.
I'm a Medium Nice to Meet You. :wave:

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