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One Empath's Journey.

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Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:58 pm

Hello, and thank you for clicking!

I'm Robbie, and I'm an Empath. "What is an Empath?" I hear some say, well, in my own words: It's someone who feels/absorbs someones emotions and/or physical pain, who can also suffer the aforementioned things.

Now what I'm going to write is completely off the cuff, not thought of, very little expensive words, alot of typos and a lot of Laymans terms. I'm educated, but I'm as common as muck. Nor will it be a guide or an absolute law on how to behave or be, but an insight of what it is actually like to be an Empath. It may help someone, or bring forth debate, create a few laughs, or utter despair. I'll do my best to keep it as simple without too many deviance's, and in the traditional Robbie-K- way.

For me, it all started at high school. If memory serves me well, it was when we moved house where I saw my first spirit and things kicked off spiritually for me. School was a nightmare, all was ok until puberty hit - round about that hormonal exuberant rollercoaster of a whale burp ride. I was standing in the hallway for Geography class, and I am not kidding you when i say it was like i felt all the girls period pains at the same time. Eeew some of you might say, but I warned you, I say what it was like. And that was what it was like. That was the beginning.

I obviously I thought it was me that had things wrong with me, the school nurse calling me a hypochondriac when she couldn't find anything wrong with this weeping boys body. The pains subsiding completely when the focus was on the nurse. That was a poignant moment that it was later in life I;d understand exactly what happened. But to say, after that day, life at school was terrible. From teachers and students, family members, friends, strangers and spirits. They all had emotions, some had pain.
Mrs G came into English class, she was English herself and was in her mid 20's at the time The class was boystrous and paper pellets were being pinged from left to right, girls rolling their eyes at the immature boys and the boys trying to be the coolest kid in the world. But my attention was straight on her. She walked in, closed the door, hardly said a word - i get a mild headache - she walks to her desk and she sits down, normally. Well, normal for everyone else but for me, that woman is pregnant. I knew it. i seen it. i felt it. I felt her discomfort and heightened balance - which stopped when she took in a big breath and told the class to shut up. 4 months later, she announced to the class she was pregnant, and was going on leave. I freaked out. I knew.

Now I could mention all instances that happened to me, this would be a novel and not a forum post. But I felt I had to mention it because for a 14 year old boy that was a moment in time that made an impact. From aged 14 and onward, instances were abound where I could feel other peoples 'being'. From just walking into the room, to voice calls and chats on ICQ with people at the other side of the world. Something, I tried to get used to, for the most part ignored, and frequently got called out as a freak or a weirdo whenever I stepped out of society's normality. But the people, known or unknown to me with physical pain - that was something else.

Central Scotland, for the most part of the year, cold, grey damp, arthritis everywhere. And those were the symptoms I too felt. i even went to the drs once to have my knees checked because I was in tears with the pain. Growing paibns was the final diagnosis, which could well be true, however my grandmother at the time had such painful knees, and mine always kicked off when i was near her. Coincidence? maybe... but apply to experiences in life up till that point... raises a few more questions.

Questions to this day, aged 39, i still ask. And it wasn;t till my mid 30's when i sat down and said to myself 'time to find out what this is'.

Empathy - is not as uncommon as some would think. And in some circles I often hear 'oh is that all' like it makes me less important that them. Alot of people carry on ignoring it for the rest of their lives with very few exploring it. Most of it I found was under the guise of 'Womens Intuition'...well that's great...but what about us guys?

In a world where the Men are not supposed to feel, but bleed and bring home the bread, being an Empath when I was supposed to be some kind of He-Man with no emotions was very difficult. Which was why it wasn't till my late 30's and several failed relationships that i finally had a look at myself and ask what made me tick.

Looking back I can pinpoint what was me, and what was other people. My relationships, as good as they were when things were good, were as bad as they can get when things are bad. You can throw lots of variables into that, but for me I can basically lay a timeline of feelings. Of course, an Empath is going to feel awesome and excited at the start of a new relationship, *ESPECIALLY* when its genuine self emotions with the added spice of the significant other. It's like, double the goodness. Almost, obsessional. Apply the same to the bad side oif it, arguments etc. It works the same way too. And this is where I say I failed, or they failed, or a mixture of the two.
Now I'm either in that relationship because 'she' wanted it and i felt it, with a bit of me wanting it too. But the bottom line always came when I got the overwhelming sensation from all angles. So many emotions and feelings thoughts and pains flying around, for an Empath taking these on board along with your own can be a very traumatic and overwhelming experience. Requiring a well deserved and very much needed 'me time'. Which is a period of time an Empath is completely alone and void of human contact, to process, cleanse, think, overthink and use up and get rid of the manifestations that resides within oneself. <--- this part is what ruined relationships
Apparently 'me time' is selfish and unproductive and only stretches out any drama. Which, in part is true, but the point I'm trying to make is the partners that complained about that - never understood why I did that in the first place. Don't get me wrong I didn't act like a diva hands in the air and run out the door demanding a safe space. This moment of needing 'me time' can come after months, even years of a slow build up of conjured emotions. Which finally pops.
Relationships are hard for an Aries, let alone an Arian Empath (Horoscope deniers can sigh right here). So it s important for any Empaths to find someone who isn't a sociopath, psychopath or a narcissist. But to find someone who gives the whole shebang, but understands that it can be overwhelming for the Empath. Not only that, dating an Empath? get ready..because you're gonna be getting loved to the max, all in all. Ask yourself, are you wanting that? My ex the didn't. They wanted to control that, and unfortunately that's not how we work.

I've learned to control for the best part, of the feelings I get from people, especially the physical pain. I learned to use this to help people, offer advice, sympathy, compassion. Now, with the help from my Guides, with this ability am also able to give readings if and when it is necessary, that's a whole different story - but in short, i get images and audio in my minds eye for individuals of messages and info that needs to be passed to them.

I know I've blethered on a bit, and reading over what looks like a mini rant - I think I'm getting some sort of explanation across. I think am getting to the end.

I've learned my Empathy, I'm learning it, and with it even to this day comes with obstacles. It even works in chatrooms! When people write with intent, or are going through emotional stuff, and then hit that enter button,...'ding dong'... I somehow manage to feel that. Also, sometimes the energies you receive do not match up with the amount of people in the chatroom.... you feel 9...but there's only 5 in there. Ok so it could be spirits or guides with the extra energy, but I've yet to meet a guide who forgot to deposit a cheque ;).....The best way i can describe it is, you're sitting at home, and the feelings coming to you are like the cars driving past your home and you can hear snippets of the music they are playing. Not the whole song, but a millisecond of what it is. And you start humming that song, singing it to yourself. Now how many cars went past your window in that time you started singing that song? And how many of those songs do you need to hum to yourself? When does it stop?

Simple answer, it doesn't. But you yourself, as an Empath have the 'volume control'. For me, and this might sound silly, but it works. I shut my eyes, sit back, and picture a big volume knob (Potentiometer for fellow Engineers). I name this volume with intent and give it a purpose - to lower the volume of the'music' whizzing past, so I only need to feel a little, not the whole thing. Don;t turn it all the way down tho...because you'll forget about it, and a week later when you turn it back up its like Truckfest with Drum&Bass festival going past your window.

Learning to control the incoming, and taking plenty of time to escape if one ever feels overwhelmed is important. Relationships are always tough, but when expressed mutually and on an understanding level, the right one will understand you - at the same time as you feel everything they are experiencing. Together you work with that, and there's very few people out there that comes straight in your life. it takes alot of trial and error - and maybe one day it'll work.

All in all, I do love being an Empath, although alot do not understand me, for the most part I have offered help to those in need. ABT has been an awesome learning curve as well as knowledge passed on , between experiences, and questions answered by people who know a little more...or alot more. Things you thought nobody could answer...come to abt, ask the question..boom slam there ya go tyvm,. Answer right for you. if theres no answer, the good folks of ABT help you find it.

If you were looking for a point to this post, i hope you found it. it's in there somewhere. And I know I may have missed alot of things out. I'm a skitter brain like that.

But most of all, if you are reading this, and you too have Empathic abilities, I hope this makes sense to you in a way.And helps you realise there's nothing wrong with you, and yer not alone.

One final note, us Empaths' tend to send out as much as we receive - we're like the radio towers - some people can be overwhelmed by your own ability that you don't even know your doing it. I'm still learning this part, and trying my best to watch myself and not come across too loudly. Folks of the chatroom are probably laughing right now...but its all a learning process. Learn who you are, control it enough so you don't shut yourself off, but are able to progress as yourself, and perhaps help others on your journey. its not unknown for an Empath to receive attention as quick as you can say 'Hows yer auntie?'.

I'll end this now, and thank you for reading this far if you did. I'm sorry its not professionally written, but thats the way it is. I'm in chat alot if you want to say hi, but for the most part of anything. Thank you, keep smiling!

If it ain't broke, take it apart, see the bits that make it work, put it back together, and hope it still works.

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Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:23 pm

Doesn't need to be professionally written to get the point across! I'm sure many Empaths and those just waking up will appreciate this knowledge! Kudos!

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Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:49 pm

Reading that helped me in more ways than you could know! Thank you for writing it. I'm still learning, and don't know much, but it helped me know quite a bit more.

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