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about a year ago i was practicing visualization meditation, on one of my journies i found myself in a library that had a door that lead to a jungle. when i arrived in the jungle i sat under a canopy and medidated, when i opened my eyes a turtle laid in front of me. my first instinct was to reach my hand into its shell and wring its neck, as i did that i saw a fox lurking in the background, in fear i ran back to the library down the stares and back into my apartment and ended the meditation. a few days later i decided to try to go back there with crystals and heal the turtle. as i was climbing the stairs to the library i kept dropping the crystals, it was a challenge to bring them along, i got to the library opened the door to the jungle but noticed another crystal (all of which i have in my home) when i turned around my ex boyfriend stood there, i asked him to leave me for good, when i arrived to the canopy the turtle was there i made a circle with the crystals and he came back to life, the fox still lurking. i ended that meditation feeling somewhat closesure from my ended relationship.

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