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I have been a member of ABT for roughly 6 years or so now. I’ve seen it’s ups and downs whenever I had time to make it on. Lately, however, I feel some concerns need to be addressed. First of all, I feel the etiquette in chat has fallen, due to reasons I will discuss in a little bit. I know by personal experience that I’ve fallen into the category of not being up to the standards ABT once held and haven’t always been at the level of etiquette I should have been, and that is on me. But, I also feel that feeling of being able to get away with things as I’m sure others have felt is in part due to 1. Some of the rules aren’t clearly defined and are up to the mods to tell people and 2. The presence the mods have. The mods as some of us have been told that it is very, very frowned upon to ban people. I understand this, but at the same time, without that deterrent, some people become more bold in doing things, knowing they will most likely not be banned or what they do get is a slap on the wrist. Even without banning, not being “harsh” on some of these people creates a lower bar for etiquette. I full on know there were times I should have been more harshly reprimanded, but I was not. I believe having more defined guidelines and rules would help with this. Which brings me to the next topic, the rules. The rules are quite hard to find and out of the way in some regards. Also, not all the rules enforced in the chat are listed on the written rules, such as no swearing and at one point no debating. If these rules were more accessible and had the full rules that are enforced in chat, I believe it would help out the chats etiquette. I also believe having more mods that are trusted would help as well. As of now, there isn’t always a mod on. I am not blaming any mods for not being there as I understand they have a life, but to address that issue of having no mods on at times, sometimes for more than a couple hours, I believe ABT should recruit more or even have a “job posting” so to speak on it to allow people to apply. I do not believe adding mods strictly through recommendation is the best course of action, but through an application or interest and then recommendations or even a trial test period after an interview. Off of that, I think classes will also help somewhat improve etiquette, or at least a sense of family in some ways. There haven’t been many as off late which is somewhat saddening, because those were quite popular with the right teachers. If you have a posting for this, then people will be able to dedicate themselves to it knowing what it takes and what times it would be at, without adding more stress onto mods or other people who may have been teachers before. As long as they can be recommended, interviewed (when mods/admins are not busy of course), and tested, I feel like it could turn into a great system of teaching people and helping them learn and grow in their path. I feel enacting all or even some of these will make chat a better place not just for newcomers, but for the older regulars as well.

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Thank you for taking the time to post this. I haven't been a member for as long as you, not even close, but during my brief tenure, I've noticed the issues you've mentioned as well. When i first joined, it was b/c I wanted to refine the skill of clairvoyance, which I do believe is something we all have the power to do. W/ all the changes, those classes are no longer offered, and it's quite sad that we've deviated from one of the many goals.
I also agree that the rules need to be more clearly expressed and accessible. Do we need 50 posts for a reading? 25? 10? Does anyone really know? Active member for six weeks? two weeks?? I've heard so many different things for both that I'm never really sure what the actual answer is.
I think i speak for all members when I express my gratitude to both Steve & Helen as well as the mods who selflessly continue to run this site. Given that, no mod should ever be expected to, 'baby-sit,' the rooms full time. As mentioned, there aren't enough of them so even allow for that. I am in total agreement that there should be, 'applications,' to be a mod, as well as, 'trial periods,' before anyone is picked. It seems a little bit unreasonable to only currently allow new mods to be chosen by existing mods. We're all human (as far as I know?), so it is important to consider the potential for selection bias.
Thanks for posting this! Hopefully, it will open eyes to some member issues and help change some things!
"Yesterday I was naive and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and want to change myself.' -Rumi

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Thank you for posting i will alert steve to this post. Helen.x

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