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Light and Dark
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Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:26 am

Good posts, Homebound! Keep it up!
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Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:24 pm

Awesome class.... homebound... I couldn't have sat and watched through a good class.... glad I came along now and even listening to other peoples experiences.....

I was raised by church of england faith originally, but have explored myself to the point where I know now it has to be this path for me. The Experience though, the one that changed my life and got me into this path and I've never looked back personally because it has been a learning curveball of experiences flung at me, one that I happily took the mantle on at the time and learned the hard one does when one isn't listening in the natural sense of the word!

Some of my experiences have been fairly minor, but others have been fairly major influences. I actually started learning about the aura back in college. I started by picking up a couple of self-help books trying out certain exercise to find out what colour my aura was, but thinking back it may even have gone back further than that to a time when I must have had an eagle totem bird step forward and peck an W shape on the fleshy part of my thumb on the vein and it is still there to this day, clearly seen.

I suppose the next stages of my learning and development happened because I asked it to, thinking back. I wanted to hear spirit at the age of 13, I'd asked this question when I was still at school, it wasn't until I reached seventeen years old that I had my awakening moment of aha realizations... in which I did have a broadcasting session that sounded loudly in my mind / awareness, it was a experience that I cannot deny because I had lacked self-control at that point so it was a lesson well learned on that one. I called that a break through and awakening in that sense of the word as it opened up my senses to hear, feel, see, and sense spirit in general as friendly thoughts & voices that weren't my own. They filter into my awareness when its quiet and when they are there and present connection is there in a positive way, not as a negative way.

But, after I managed to close down and get that broadcasting session under control, it had opened up the clairaudience and also the clairvoyance as well as clairsestience which I could feel before that. So it was in essence, a kick-starter to my path of learning how to work with spirit. I gradually got used to seeing them though and knew they weren't of harm to me and most of the time they would come forward as white apparition form full body energy....they still do now but are more or less as they would be as people before they passed over but more or less are in my mind/awareness inner vision now rather than external clairvoyance vision... out of the mind's eye but in the physical... and yes this also triggered the realization that there was more to the world out there than what it seemed...

As for Gods and Goddesses for what I believe in can connect by the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine/The Divine in general.... this path that I was on actually was what triggered my faith in my intuition and in my higher self and reconnecting as I found true self along it as well..... still continuing this path at least over 10 years on-wards and upwards and haven't looked back since....

Belief is what matters, have faith in yourself and listen, trust to your own listening voice, you won't go far wrong
and you'll always be set on the right path close to your heart....

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Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:18 pm

thanks for the awesome class homebound it was my first time to attend :)

and i would like to share my own experience about the challenges ive faced on my belief maybe a few brief of about what is my religion too

I was raise and born as a Roman Catholic all of my mother side is a Roman Catholic as well so maybe that is why our family are really devoted to Catholic religion beliefs but even so I still have those times that I got challenges of my beliefs and this is one of those challenges.

When I was a fresh college student I used to have certain weird dreams on ber months starting from September to December it was a dark silhouettes. Back then it wasn’t much scary because they are just there staring at me or suddenly pops out in my dream but the fact that they are always there in a certain months started to scare me .My cousin used to say that I shouldn’t be afraid or else it will take me away or posses me or worse and I did but since my grandma died due to sleeping that is when it triggers me to be afraid again and the dark silhouettes to be more aggressive they started to chase me in my dream and whispers to me in a languages that I don’t even know .The worse part of it is that my certain dreams is more realistic because I thought I was awake but I’m dreaming. The last dream that I had with dark silhouettes was in a wasted land I can’t remember much what I was doing back then but when those dark silhouettes pop out it suddenly awakened my awareness that I know I was dreaming. You know those times when you are aware you are dreaming then you suddenly woke up? Well I did or so I though. When I woke up it was raining outside of the house and I search for my mom. So I went to our store hoping that I might find her but unfortunately she wasn’t so I went back to the house and I find those dark silhouettes and they are more vivid they become monstrous with claws I got scared and ran away but before I reach the exit they got me and for some reason there’s a small girl wearing a black dress who came down the stairs staring down at me while I’m being held down by those dark monstrous things and she came closer to me and to my surprise see looks like me well kind of or more like a twin but she is a polar opposite? My hair is curly hers is straight we have the same face but her expression it’s scary but I feel sad from her look. I forgot what she did but I think she orders those monsters to take me down with their claws and that is when I started to pray. I said God I sorry I’m not the best kid you had and sometimes I forget about you but I know for certain you never abandon us no matter what because I believe in you. I was in a state that I couldn’t speak back then because I feel that I have some sore throat or something but for some reason I manage to shout the word “God” and that is when I finally woke up drenched in sweat and started to run outside it was a sunny day after that I pray and said thank God for not abandoning me thank you .My eyes got teary and its okay I’m glad that I’m alive and well im glad God didn’t forget about me and that’s when I knew God is good he will be always there for you no matter what in tough times and good times he will be always there.

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Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:42 am

hi homey

its was September 13th 5 days after my 30th birthday ... my ex was violent and a complusive gambler that night i asked him to leave . He did and left his keys behind. i was watching tv and heard a voice say ' wat ever u do dont open the back door' seconds later there was a banging on the back door . I freaked and double locked it by kicking the peg in the lock. adam said aren't u going to let dad in . I said no its time for bed. i could hear thunder coming towards us . then I heard the voice say pray so i prayed .. then the voice said pray louder , me and adam were both praying . then the voice said let go of ur son . i said i'll never let go of my son i look into him eyes and they are all black . then the thunder gets closer and an invisible force hits us in the tummy and we scream . something was released from us then there is peace . i put adam to bed and tell him to say Thank you to God .

hug Shell
Smile it confuses them .

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ABT Team
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Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:14 pm

My personal experience that impacted my core belief system:

I was maybe 6 and sicker than dog. I didn't want ice cream. I didn't have it in me to eat a popcycle. I was too weak to defend myself when I overheard my mother and grandmother in the kitchen talking about how I was just faking and only wanted attention.

I don't remember how long I was sick, but one day I woke up and I felt great! YAY !!! So I got up and ran outside to play. But once I ran outside, I had to stop in my tracks. The day was so beautiful! Blue sky. Soft grass. Warm breeze. I looked around and thought "What a beautiful day to be healthy!" Then, a voice spoke in my head and asked me a question. The voice was very kind and loving and gentle and asked "And what are you going to do with this beautiful day?"

In my innocent mind, I figured that voice must have been God, and I said "I'm gonna be good for my mom and dad. I'm not going to be any trouble today, and I'm going to PLAY!!!" And off I ran to enjoy that beautiful day.

Anyways, that experience is why I see God as loving. I could hear it in his voice.
Let your weird little light shine so the other weirdos can find you.

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:50 am

Unread post  Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:04 am

I was raised strict WELS Lutheran, the church and school a block from the house. youngest of 5. I believed so in God, yet my mother also was aware of her abilities, so from a young age we would play what she called the ESP game. We just knew things. Able to answer questions while I slept without awareness of such things if I had been awake. So it wasnt a new thing, the responsibility of it was another. In 2000 when Mars took its place in alignment, 911, all energies of my abilities seemed to burst into blossom. It me, was this I was able to do?

So I got pissed, and I researched religions, solar placement, solar time, universal time our time, how it all fit, I ran to the bible and followed threads that no one else seemed to ask, and when I got to Saul, and the splitting of mythology and chirstians, enoch. I was even more angry, how could religion become so politcally gained. Yet it was easy to see. I was like how dare they lie to mankind.

The more I researched and explored my abilities the more I realized how scary it is, what if all had these abilities, and all didnt use them for good. I taught myself through history, found the threads of truth - made the common denominators - from 5 religions - realized that they could not change global events or the heavens even in scripture - and clung, to the words of Jesus out side the gaits of Jerusalem. All you need is within.

So I say strongly to anyone who will hear, Be certain that your belief, is worthy of that belief, for it has value. YOU have value

Let your weird little light shine so the other weirdos can find you.
Hi, I am matter where I go,,,there I am.

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:50 am

:hugs: Home :hugs:



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Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:13 am

I am here last with my story. This was back in 1990 and I was reading every book in the libruary of Guam on positive thinking and spiritual growth, I ran out of books to read, I had read them all. I was going to a Catholic church - they are all Catholics over there. I liked it, loved the people, but it was a bit different . I got home and heard a voice - "read the bible" - i thought no, it's high on top shelf. but the voice insisted "read the bible" so I got a chair and dragged it to the kitchen to the top shelf to pull down the bible. I took it to the couch and I heard "open it" and when I did a light came to me. I followed this light and it took me through the entire bible on everything to do with wisdom, then everything to do with love. I was most amazed. To this day this light is still with me. I see it as a living being, helping me along my path.

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:29 am



Homebound’s class 9/17/17

9:01 PM dae: 9:00 PM Homebound: first, I want to thank all who posted their experiences

9:00 PM migizi: no problem

9:00 PM dae: and send dae in the bad girl corner

9:01 PM Homebound: can't have a bad girl corner in a round room dae   

9:01 PM migizi: wb owl

9:02 PM Homebound: okay, I want your opinions on your own experiences. Who here personally believes their experience was miraculous?

9:02 PM dae: I am copying the class for those who would like information from it at a later date

9:02 PM migizi: homie might want to make corner

9:02 PM Homebound: oohh ty dae   

9:02 PM Owlscrying: thank you dae hugs
9:03 PM Homebound: past couple of weeks Chey, we discussed personal experiences that impacted our core belief systems.

9:04 PM Homebound: then we discussed struggles we've encountered that challenged our core belief systems

9:06 PM Homebound: okay, this week I want to discuss whether you personally believe your experience was miraculous in any way?

9:06 PM Homebound: raise your paw if yes

9:05 PM Homebound: you all remember that, right?

9:05 PM Cheyenne: ok

9:05 PM migizi: yes

9:05 PM SamanthaJ: yes

9:05 PM Homebound: April, did you share your experience?

9:05 PM Weaverofdreams: yes

9:05 PM Owlscrying: I do home

9:05 PM migizi: i missed struggles

9:06 PM Homebound: okay, this week I want to discuss whether you personally believe your experience was miraculous in any way?

9:06 PM Homebound: raise your paw if yes

9:06 PM Homebound raises paw

9:06 PM dae: absolutely

9:06 PM Homebound: migz?

9:06 PM Weaverofdreams: pondering which part

9:06 PM migizi: yes

9:07 PM Homebound: Sam? gypsy?

9:07 PM Homebound: hi kim

9:07 PM kimorents: hi homey

9:07 PM Seagypsy: I wasnt here last week homey

9:07 PM migizi: Weaverofdreams i was pondering to but looked at it as a whole

9:07 PM Weaverofdreams: ty

9:07 PM Homebound: today we are discussing opinions

9:07 PM SamanthaJ: generally , yes

9:07 PM Homebound: were our experiences miraculous?

9:07 PM Weaverofdreams: yes

9:07 PM kimorents: opinions on what

9:08 PM Homebound: okay, now tell me why you feel that way - one at a time please

9:08 PM Homebound: I will go first - I believe mine was miraculous because I never before heard a voice from nowhere

speak to me in my head

9:09 PM Homebound: and ask me a question with kindness

9:09 PM Homebound: yep - I'm saying miracle!   

9:09 PM Seagypsy: ok I get it now excuse me I am sleep deprived

9:09 PM Homebound: awww gypsy   

9:10 PM Homebound: dae, you want to go next?

9:10 PM dae: sure -

9:12 PM Homebound: you all can type yours up if you wish ahead of time to share when it is your turn

9:12 PM Homebound: in notepad or word document

9:12 PM dae: Yes I definately say miracle - not only did I hear a kind voice tell me to read my bible but the voice insisted on it and kept on insisting on it till I gave in - then a light came to me that led me through the bible on everything written on wisdom - then  love - and it continued for years - I still sometimes see the light

9:12 PM Homebound: that is incredible dae   

9:13 PM dae: thank you homebound - it really was

9:14 PM Homebound: kim, you want to share why or why not your experience that impacted your core belief system was a miracle or not?

9:14 PM Weaverofdreams: very nice, isnt it something so many seem to run to the bible first thing, and always seem to find something within it for them

9:14 PM Homebound: we can just go down the list

9:14 PM Weaverofdreams: I can Home but I am wordy

9:14 PM Homebound: okay Weaver - go!

9:15 PM Weaverofdreams: Sorry ahead of time for its length...

9:15 PM dae: that is fine weaver take your time

9:17 PM Weaverofdreams: It took a miracle or a series of several for me to question my core beliefs. It took a realization of great losses, to see the gains. I find that the fact that I was awoken through the miracles in itself was a miracle.

9:17 PM Weaverofdreams: tried to make it short der   go   

9:17 PM Homebound: what did you consider a miracle Weaver?

9:18 PM Homebound: is okay Weaver. never mind   

9:18 PM Weaverofdreams: That I had the strength to question my faith and because of the occurrences that were happening, it was my choice to do so

9:18 PM Cheyenne: i don’t think I have ever questioned my core beliefs

9:18 PM kimorents: so many to chose from one day in a dispairing

conversaton with my ex he stated i just can not make you happy and a calm came over me and i heard clearly happiness is in you its no one else that can affect your joy or sorrow. i knew i had peace and i was happy and i looked at him and said who ever said i was not happy or that its your job to do so and the faith has always remained that i am that peace if i chose to see it.

9:18 PM Homebound: Weaver   

9:19 PM Weaverofdreams: that is awesome Kimo

9:19 PM Cheyenne: awesome kimo and weaver and dae

9:19 PM dae: my experience just reinforced what I already believed

9:20 PM Homebound: wonderful kim   

9:20 PM kimorents: same dae

9:20 PM Weaverofdreams: that in itself can be scary

9:20 PM Weaverofdreams: knowing its real

9:20 PM migizi: awesome

9:20 PM Homebound: yes - acceptance helps

9:21 PM Homebound: there is a reason I am asking this of you.

9:21 PM Homebound: migz, you writing yours?

9:21 PM Homebound: and gypsy?

9:21 PM Seagypsy: yes

9:22 PM migizi: yes

9:22 PM Homebound: when all is said and done, you will discover that you have already expanded your perception of what a miracle is.

9:22 PM migizi: awesome

9:23 PM dae: if anyone has notepad - you may if you wish write story up on it then copy paste for the room

9:23 PM kimorents: .

9:23 PM Seagypsy: I believe the event of overhearing my fathers story is miraculous as I wasn’t meant to hear it. Something made me be awake and crawl out of bed to listen. I was meant to hear it and set my beliefs for life. I have never questioned them.

9:24 PM kimorents: awesome sea

9:24 PM Weaverofdreams: Lovely

9:24 PM Homebound: you realize that none of your experiences included walking on water or changing water to wine or raising the dead.’

9:24 PM Homebound: meant to be overheard gypsy love

9:24 PM Cheyenne: lol

9:24 PM kimorents: well um

9:24 PM Cheyenne: awesome sea

9:24 PM migizi: ok i have time to change mine lol

9:24 PM dae: wonderful sea love

9:25 PM Seagypsy: ...the changing water to wine might be nice though....

9:25 PM migizi: sea that is awesome

9:25 PM Weaverofdreams: it does something changes our lives...

9:25 PM Homebound: yes!

9:26 PM kimorents: it can touch others and you may never know how that tiny change of faith inpacted things around us

9:26 PM Weaverofdreams: Engrained even if we do not want to accept it, doesnt go away. sort a thing.. just saying

9:26 PM Homebound: and that is the important thing; to recognize the scope of a miracle - very very big! Lol

9:26 PM Weaverofdreams: Yes Home ~ ~

9:26 PM kimorents: yes

9:27 PM Homebound: that is true kim and thank you for bringing that up

9:27 PM Cheyenne: homey do you belive miracles can happen in the sad & hard times

9:26 PM kimorents: yes

9:27 PM Homebound: that is true kim and thank you for bringing that up

9:27 PM Cheyenne: homey do you belive miracles can happen in the sad & hard times

9:27 PM Homebound: migz, we are still waiting for you.

9:27 PM Weaverofdreams: In 1980, I wasn’t ready for what I was to be, the wisdom per say. So I think that spirit shook me loose from the branches. lol

9:27 PM migizi: ok i was reading everything

9:28 PM dae: especially then Cheyenne

9:28 PM kimorents: agree dae

9:28 PM Seagypsy: agree dae

9:28 PM migizi: Yes I believe it was - Watching my self leave my body and having a discussion with my grandma. Also almost hitting the ground on my bike and being picked back up before I hit the ground. That same night seeing an angel and it waved and smiled at me. Also being able to see things. Sometimes things startle me. I do get spooked. I think I need another miracle to be bale to relax and understand what is going on.

9:28 PM Cheyenne: i think so too dae

9:28 PM Homebound: ty migz hug

9:29 PM kimorents: hugs mig

9:29 PM Homebound: yes Chey, I think that is possible in sad times too

9:29 PM Homebound: I want to get back to the beginner lessons to reinforce a couple of things

9:29 PM Weaverofdreams: Sometimes I think our Will causes interference with Miracles, delays them, alters the path. So the best outcome, for all is the best desired I reckon.

9:30 PM migizi: I was messing with my grandpa tool box and in the other room i heard foot steps and i ran out spooked

9:30 PM Weaverofdreams: I must go for now God Bless ~ ~

9:31 PM migizi: it was probably my grandpa but i think the reason i was spooked I never knew my grandpa he died before i was born

9:31 PM Homebound: 1 - according to Kaballah, if you are able to pass on joy to another, that is a miracle

9:31 PM Homebound: something that simple

9:31 PM Joshua : Would be nice to hear from people you lost

9:32 PM Homebound: 2 - according to ACIM, what is our main tool

to create miracles?

9:33 PM Homebound: okay - our tool is forgiveness.

9:34 PM Homebound: so, those two very simple things - giving happiness, giving forgiveness = ability to create miracles

9:34 PM Homebound: and everybody here has shared their miraculous experiences

9:34 PM Homebound: consider that miracle a part of a chain reaction

9:35 PM Homebound: it impacted you - and you impacted others because of your core beliefs

9:35 PM Homebound: and don't think for a moment that you don't impact others in some way or another

9:36 PM kimorents: i was looking for a book about how miracles can come from heart ache by an acim person but i can not find it

9:37 PM Homebound: aww kim love thanks for trying

9:37 PM kimorents: so bk now

9:37 PM Homebound: next week maybe

9:37 PM Homebound: you will have time to fine it

9:37 PM kimorents: probably gave it away lol

9:37 PM Cheyenne: love

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ABT Team
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Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:30 am

9:38 PM Homebound: so, your faith was never challenged?

9:38 PM Cheyenne: no

9:38 PM Seagypsy: not true it is challenged many times

9:38 PM Homebound: you never screamed at God? shook your fist at YAWA?

9:39 PM dae: oh my faith has been challenged, and I have kinda walked away ---- but never fully

9:39 PM kimorents: not me i am an angel

9:39 PM kimorents: lol

9:39 PM Cheyenne: oh i take that back i have asked why me lots

9:39 PM dae: I have never been mad at God

9:39 PM Homebound: I suppose looking back on my bad years, I still believed it God - I just didn't think he care about me

9:40 PM kimorents: lol cheif lol his butt of at me chey did you hear it

9:40 PM Cheyenne: :)

9:40 PM Cheyenne: lol

9:40 PM Homebound: so I was mad at Him

9:40 PM Homebound: and everybody and the world

9:40 PM Cheyenne: I dont think I have ever been mad at him

9:41 PM Homebound: I assure you I have

9:41 PM Cheyenne: I have asked him why's and he showed me

9:41 PM Seagypsy: I don’t think I was ever mad at Him. I questioned what occurred perhaps

9:41 PM Homebound: but I am OLD !!! rofl -

9:41 PM kimorents: pfft your eternal

9:41 PM Cheyenne: lol

9:41 PM Cheyenne: exactly

9:41 PM Aprilr81: I have gotten mad at God in the past

9:41 PM Homebound: hmm - mine must have been really bad cause I barely made it out alive! Rofl

9:42 PM Cheyenne: i have had struggles like that homey but i didn’t blame god i blamed others

9:42 PM Homebound: there you go - April has been mad at God

9:43 PM migizi: I have to

9:43 PM Homebound: hmm - I blamed myself... I was a worthless stupid fool and the joke was on me

9:43 PM Aprilr81: I've never blamed God

9:43 PM Homebound: but I'm over all that now - spiritual growth through trial

9:43 PM dae: I have always understood free will got us here in the mess we are in lol

9:43 PM Aprilr81: Just got mad things didn't go the way I wanted

9:43 PM Cheyenne: yes homey love

9:43 PM Seagypsy: But He proved you otherwise didn’t He>?

9:43 PM migizi: I didn’t understand why he took the good people out of my life and let me go down a path of swearing smoking and drinking

9:43 PM Homebound: true dae lol

9:43 PM kimorents: well said dae

9:44 PM Cheyenne: free will Migizi

9:44 PM migizi: but now I get it. To help those that have travelled down the same path

9:44 PM Aprilr81: Yes, He proved to me otherwise that my way wasn't good

9:44 PM kimorents: and free will can get us out thru love and forgivness

9:44 PM Homebound: oh and Chey - during those bad years, I had a miraculous lucid dream come to me

9:44 PM Cheyenne: cool details ?

9:45 PM Homebound: didn't understand why he let you hey migz? icic - free will

9:45 PM Homebound: it is in the old forums Chey - it is too long to tell

9:45 PM Seagypsy: He lets you so you can find your way back and be stronger.

9:45 PM Cheyenne: oh okay cool

9:45 PM kimorents: i smoke drink and cuss and still am an angel rofl

9:46 PM Cheyenne: lol

9:46 PM migizi: rofl

9:46 PM Homebound: just like he let the prodigal son go, and gave a party when he came back

9:46 PM migizi: ok im not perfect im still that person but i have respect for others

9:46 PM migizi: i don’t down grade people

9:46 PM kimorents: yes love

9:47 PM migizi: i hate when people do it to me

9:47 PM migizi: one reason im going to look for a new job

9:47 PM Cheyenne: yes never a reason to down on people agree migizi

9:47 PM Homebound: that is tough migizi, when it's going on at work

9:48 PM kimorents: allowing and understanding each person is doing the best they know how to at the time helps forgive the dream

9:48 PM Cheyenne: wow just had a deja vu

9:48 PM dae: cool

9:48 PM Homebound: thank you kim. so true!

9:48 PM dae: cool

9:48 PM Homebound: thank you kim. so true!

9:48 PM migizi: i agree

9:48 PM Homebound: we think it is so hard to forgive, and sometimes it is.

9:48 PM migizi: we need more people like us

9:49 PM Homebound: don't worry right now if forgiving a big thing is too hard to do. start with the little stuff

9:49 PM Cheyenne: it can be very hard sometimes homey to forgive

9:49 PM Homebound: really, practice and you get better at it

9:49 PM Homebound: yes Chey, I acknowledge that.

9:49 PM Aprilr81: Agreed Chey

9:49 PM dae: the thing that gets me - is the prayer - forgive us AS we forgive others

9:49 PM Homebound: yes yes dae

9:50 PM Cheyenne: true dae

9:50 PM Homebound: remember the unity of us is really helpful

9:50 PM kimorents: you know the holy spirit is working when you see that your not even angry but want to and then realize your acting silly i have done that often

9:50 PM Homebound: *remembering - we are one

9:50 PM Homebound: makes it easier to forgive

9:51 PM migizi: one thing that is in my head when someone judges me or someone i know Thou shall not judge if thou does not want to be judged

9:51 PM kimorents: i want to have this silly tantrum and you here yep its silly but go ahead

9:51 PM kimorents: smh

9:51 PM migizi: them selfs

9:51 PM Homebound: and another huge thing that makes it easier to forgive is understanding we don't really know the other person's story

9:51 PM kimorents: so true

9:51 PM migizi: so true

9:51 PM Cheyenne: true homey

9:52 PM Homebound: there is a lot we don't know

9:52 PM Homebound: acknowledge we don't know

9:52 PM Homebound: and forgive the perceived error

9:52 PM migizi: i will be honest

9:53 PM Homebound: and what is the one thing that keeps us from achieving miraculous deeds?

9:53 PM migizi: there is one person in my lifteim i have not forgave

9:53 PM kimorents: fear

9:53 PM Cheyenne: lack of faith

9:53 PM dae: The beginning of patience is finding the light of God in the most vile person - easier to forgive if we can do that

9:53 PM Homebound: well not what I was looking for

9:53 PM Aprilr81: guilty of that...lack of faith

9:53 PM Homebound: EGO

9:54 PM Homebound: ego feels the need to defend itself

9:54 PM migizi: ego is a big one

9:54 PM Cheyenne: yes ego as well

9:54 PM kimorents: oh yes that well its what creates fear

9:54 PM Aprilr81: Ah, yes, ego

9:54 PM kimorents: so i was half right

9:54 PM kimorents: lol

9:54 PM Homebound: ego REACTS to outside triggers

9:54 PM migizi: 50% is still a f lol

9:54 PM Homebound: lol

9:54 PM kimorents: sigh

9:54 PM Cheyenne: lol

9:55 PM Homebound: look past ego to the spirit within and recognize your brother

9:55 PM Homebound: well I think it's cool all of you have been so faithful regardless of your challenges

9:56 PM Cheyenne: I think my challenges have made my faith stronger

9:56 PM kimorents: i think so to chey they are opportunities to chose love and faith

9:57 PM Cheyenne: some of them i wouldn’t have been able to get through without my faith

9:57 PM dae: mistakes turn us away for a time I think

9:57 PM Homebound: oh yes dae, but a mistake is only a mistake love and they can be corrected

9:58 PM Homebound: there is no need for punishment over a mistake

9:58 PM kimorents: but then they teach us dae as well that error can be corrected and we grow stronger when we gain more faith agian

9:58 PM Cheyenne: true homey

9:58 PM kimorents: i think

9:58 PM dae: yes homebound

9:58 PM Homebound: yes kim?

9:58 PM Cheyenne: true kim

9:58 PM Aprilr81: I beat myself up pretty bad when I make a mistake.

9:58 PM Homebound: nm kim - I gotcha

9:59 PM Homebound: April, how old are you again?

9:59 PM Aprilr81: 36

9:59 PM Cheyenne: April81 i think we are harder on ourselves sometimes

9:59 PM Seagypsy: yes when you are young you do it more to yourself

9:59 PM Homebound: oohh hun it is time to stop beating yourself up

9:59 PM Homebound: true gypsy

10:00 PM dae: April that only hurts you hun - and that can be as bad as the mistake - we should never put ourselves down or think to highly of ourselves, but try and find the balance - easier said than done

10:00 PM kimorents: agree when we get older we go oops and laugh at ourselves and it over

10:00 PM Homebound: don't worry what others think of that mistake - it was only a mistake and you should not be judged harshly for that

10:00 PM Cheyenne: I think one thing we need to ask ourselves april81 is would be be as hard on another if they made the same mistake as we did

10:00 PM Aprilr81: I'm slowly learning to move forward

10:01 PM Homebound: you deserve to know peace and happiness within

10:01 PM Aprilr81: I know at work lately, I have felt like I wasn't good enough

10:01 PM Homebound: and I assure you, they are not "out there"

10:02 PM Homebound: that is a bad feeling April. I've been there and with judgmental people just makes it worse

10:02 PM dae: the kingdom of heaven is "within"

10:02 PM Aprilr81: I finally had to tell myself that I'm still new there and I'm going to have stop letting one person there make me feel like poop, aside from myself.

10:03 PM Seagypsy: aww tough situation my daughter in law going thru same thing

10:03 PM Homebound: it seems stress and hardship just cannot be escaped in this world, so we have to find satisfaction elsewhere... within

10:03 PM Homebound: april hug

10:03 PM Cheyenne: agree homey

10:03 PM Homebound: you hang in there hun

10:04 PM Aprilr81: I am

10:04 PM Seagypsy: Just keep shining april hug

10:04 PM Aprilr81: Yesterday, I walked into work and didn't let that person bother me

10:04 PM Homebound: yay you!

10:04 PM dae: hug april hug

10:04 PM Cheyenne: good for you don’t let them define your happiness

10:05 PM Aprilr81: Sometimes we have to give ourselves a pep talk

10:05 PM Seagypsy: yes

10:05 PM Homebound: well, my lesson for today is over. thank you for sharing your opinions.

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