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A poem

Something you want to get off your chest, say it 'BIG'

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Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:08 am

Not sure where to post this so I picked this section of the forum. I have always wanted to post this. Let's see if anyone can decipher what it's about. Thoughts, comments, ect are welcomed.

I used to be your Steve many years ago
We met that fateful night many miles away in chat
Both lonesome and wanting understanding
I was preparing for life in the military
You were preparing for life after marriage
We felt so close when we spoke for hours on the phone
Pretty soon we exchanged 'I love yous'
I vowed in my heart to meet the real you

To you I was Stevie, weenie, chulito, pillow
You were my mamacita, Ursie, gorgeous angel
I vowed to love you forever and you told me the same
I would treat you much better than your soon to be ex
You would be the love I always wanted
Until shortly before I left for service and you went silent
I entered a whole new world and always thought of you

Months passed and contact was sporadic
It was hell missing you while adjusting to my new life
I wanted nothing more than to have you as my wife.
An attempt to meet in person fell through
Inspite of now being much closer to you.

Months passed again and contact was made again!
What's this, you say you now have a boyfriend??
But I was your Stevie, your pillow, your love
I vowed to meet you anyway to show I fit like a glove

We finally met over a year later
You were gorgeous, it was really you!
You never saw me before, did you like what you saw?
Mixed emotions flooded me because you found another
I would have given anything to be your lover
I settled for doing all the things we talked about doing
Even while your boyfriend was silently fuming
Leaving you was harder than I ever imagined

I would return a few times more
Determined to show you I was your Stevie
Especially after your hints that he mistreated you
I wanted to show that was something I would never do

Then I received orders overseas!
Why did the military seek to take you away from me??
You were with another but visiting gave me a chance!
A chance to be your everything, your love and romance!
I reach my destination to learn you and him broke up
Why do I have to have such luck!
Half way around the world and now she's a single girl!

I saw a chance to make my move
There was something serious I had to prove
I would fly to you while on leave
And drop a surprise you would not believe.
I would pledge to you my heart and soul
To have, to own, to hold and control
I would officially be your Stevie forever
On your birthday, no less, it couldn't get any better

The day I flow into El Paso nobody picked me up
I had your mother's number and called her up
She shattered my heart with devastating news
That you were on the street and your ex was with you
I cried myself to sleep that terrible night
The next day I headed out to continue my fight
I would give me all and let you decide
If my dream to be your Stevie would be accepted or denied

I finally tracked you down, to an overpass across town
There you were back with him homeless and distraught
I would visit for a few days even if he seldom stayed away
Everyone who knew you already knew my name
One woman you confided in even knew why I came
'She loves you but is so confused' she told me
That only inspired me to proceed even more boldly
'I don't know why she is with him when she has you'
I knew in my mind only I would do

On the last night I hinted at my surprise
All it did was put tears in her eyes
With such sadness she regretfully declined
I made it a point to keep it in mind
I would be ready when she had the time
I left the next day hoping for a sign

Months later she called and said her ex is no more
Thrown in prison for beating her savagely
I thought my chance would come next but it wouldn't be
A few months later she met another Steve
She said he treated her like she never believed

I was your Steve and wanted to give you the world
But I wasn't good enough to have in your world
You ended up finding happiness with another Steve
I will always wish that Steve was me
If only I was good enough to be the Steve that you need

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