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vodoo doll tryn 2 grab me

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

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dream jo
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Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:26 pm

had a dream i did
had a dream wear i wz it aparty pawty i wz rgn i lft bildin th wz a bus watin but wz not for me i had 2 go 2 a bus stp i did so i did in dream but wen o got ther bus had brok dwn it thn ths vodoo doll wz in a conf cum frn no wz aftr me it wz evry tim i try 2 run it wud grb me it did
thm scry eys thm scry fingrs wys wz red but wz aftr me thni wok up
wz a arvi nap
:lol: :x :twisted: :evil: :roll: :mrgreen:

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