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Flying Floating in dream

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:24 am
by Sudheer

I remember few dreams, I fly in these dreams.

back I use to dream regularly not daily but use to be similar dream where in one dream I realize I can fly, I enjoy that, to show off I jump then fly (like superman) , I go around people, fly above road (its village mud road) , I fly avoiding electric wires, fly over buildings land on roof top etc..
these stopped two years back.

Yesterday in dream I am floating, I look down, scared, then I come near a tall tree, similar tall pine tree, I hold braches , my feet is on branches, use braches as ladder to climb down , tree ends in air, as if its handing, when I look down its not very steep, feel ok to jump, I jump down, walk over to some house, I am in other side of this house, he looks familiar, I go outside his wife hanging cloths for drying, I stroll around, look around that place, then dream changes, I see some one (not sure human or animal) run and one guy comes from behind me chasing aiming gun at that.. I stop him, I go in front of him, hold double barrel gun its pointing on me near chest, I hear gunshot sound, feel shot inside me, feel bit of irritation near my throat , then I am in long queue, I see old man in front, I remember seeing him before he died, I realize I am soul now standing in queue, I approach that old man in front, by the time I reach him, I see young boy walking back, I am confused how did this old man become young, I walk back confused..

I don't remember all part of dream..