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A dream of paranormal, war and self peace?

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

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Unread post Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:18 am

I had a dream the other night which began with me being in a downstairs bathroom in a basement, the latch on the door kept going up on the inside and the door was eager to open all the time. I kept saying no I'm in here assuming there was someone the other side however for the latch to lift on the inside was odd.
I then heard war sirens the type of one's that you'd hear during air raids in the war. This ended up a false alarm. After all of this I went out my parents where there and I was telling my mother to let go and be free. I then saw a field of wild flowers that were 6ft tall and felt the need to skip through it acknowledging it's normally a field of daisy's you'd skip through.
Later in the dream I come to a lake there is a swan and some pigeons. The swan is trying to mate with a pigeon while 2 other pigeons are mating. I have a sudden fear as I see a lot of splashing and realize there is a pig drowning not so far from me however as I go to save him I stop and realise the water is very deep and then the pig disappears and I wake up.

I would be interested in hearing your interpretations.

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