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2 dreams

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

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dream jo
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Unread post Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:08 pm

2 day i had 2 dreams i ddi 1 ths mrni 1 ths arvo
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________dream 1

1ts dream i had i wz i a orng y jum sut /scrubs i wz bt i wz free till cops cum alng uk cops bt nfm thy wear 2 day thy wear in evn hdn cuf wz uk hnd cufs thy wear
cops wz goin2 tak me 2 hopslt coz i had bean stabd i woz in dream bt hospl thy tk me wz not real hosplt it wz nt lk a saf hose it woz thn i wok uo fr ereal afr 8am lk it my wath iy wz 808am it wz
:shocked: dream 2
i had a arvo nap i did 2 day wear i had a dream agan i did
i wz it mall i woz sein new frinds ol frinds i wz i wz evn pepel frm tv shws sops tv seris bt lk lk ordney pepel thy did
bt 2 get ort i had my scrf ovr my dase hat on coz i cys sens trubl bt wen i gt 2 exst i saw yobs htng vansl cumn my way so u wnt 2 bgr shot i did wear i saw frinds thn abot 20 mins latr in dream bugr shot had bean hit by vansls evn mall thn i saw a tv flsh on mall tv mLL Hd bean hit pele misin sum prsum ded thn i wok up
:lol: :x :twisted: :evil: :roll: :mrgreen:

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