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Insane dream story

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:55 pm
by DanKlein16
Back in 2013 I had a dream I went to Boston. While in Boston I was walking along a white fence, on a sidewalk. Suddenly this asian woman came out from a side opening in the fence with a white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. I said, Hey who is that? Suddenly the white guy charges me with a knife, stabbing me 10 times in the stomach. I fall to the ground critically injured; then I jolted awake from a sound sleep. I started talking to an older asian woman in late 2016, and was planning to meet with her in Boston in May 2017. This asian woman gave me a dangerous gut feeling, but for some reason I ignored it and just played along to see where our correspondence went. In Jan, my mom told me she had a dream I went to Boston to meet up with the asian woman and this white guy with blonde hair stabbed me to death, next to a fence, on a sidewalk. Mind you, I never told my mom about the original dream from 2013. After that, I ended all correspondence with the woman, and was spooked. I guarantee if I went it would've been :rip: for me.

Re: Insane dream story

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:45 am
by rebeccamcclellan
OMG! This has given me goose bump. As you are telling, you dream of 2013 and your mom's dream of 2017 is exactly the same, this may be a intuition warning through the medium of dream. You can consult to a voyante sérieuse who has the ability to see the future with their god gifted power of extraordinary vision, to avoid future accidents and to make future decision.