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They told me I was crazy

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Unread post Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:28 pm

I told some people including my parents and some doctors that I see spirits/angels etc and can do psychic readings...and they placed me in a mental institution. They said I was a drug addict/making it up etc. and gave me medication. They asked me if these voices tell to do things, and my mother was like thinking that the voices are telling me to hurt her etc. Another girl once she heard of it, told me that one her friends heard voices that told her that they are from satan and I think she was lying, I'm not sure. I told them i went to psychics, and they said that I need help etc. and that I'm fool of it.

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Unread post Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:11 pm

From my experience, the voices are your own, takes a while to realise that. I though for years it was spirit, I could see them but ever since I asked them to open the door and had no response they left.
Psychiatrists will call you crazy they don't believe in spirit only that seeing them makes you somewhat schizophrenic. That's their job, to diagnose. Take it as you will. But for me they were right and wrong, yes my voices were my own and are gone but it never explained why others saw them to and why these voices would show me cheating ex's in live time.(the only time I've astral projected).
Rise again, Aileni.

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Unread post Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:50 am

I can't help, but kind of smirk a little when i hear someone try and use facts about academia or science to dismiss anything regarding spiritual matters. I mean it's kind of obvious to me that we have only begun to scratch the surface on many levels of our understanding of the universe. I know these people are just doing their jobs, but people that are content living in the box that man has created are no more informed than you or i. I think actually they are just content with the way things appear on the surface metaphorically speaking, but once you begin to peel back the layers it's like they don't want to acknowledge it.

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Unread post Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:22 am

There is a difference between psychotic episodes, mental illness and psychic information. Psychic information should come through internal self dialogue instead of from unwarranted voices speaking inside ones mind usually. However I don't see how bringing the devil into it really accomplishes much if you ask me. Psychic phenomena doesn't have anything to do with satan or religion really, just about anyone should have experienced it during their life time in some way, even if small. Hope that helps.

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Unread post Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:36 am

Yes don't tell them anything when I was young I used to know my uncles thought before him but at the time I did not know that he got nasty and said stop repeating what I'm going to say to you my nan was upset with me and said I had the devil in me I was just confused by what they were saying to me

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Unread post Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:21 am

My friend you are far from crazy, actually the ones who think it's crazy usually are apart of Illuminati bull shit! And they try to make you into someone your not, it's okay it can be family and friends, but real friends don't say your crazy or real family, I mean love your family yes, but many families today could be apart of corrupt secret societies and they lie and much much more to make you out to be someone your not, but no some in this world even myself have this gift but only for rare occasion when I feel I really need to talk to someone the spirit guides are there Angels and whichever beautiful being is willing to communicate with me which I am thankful for sometimes, and no your not crazy because there truly are spirits, most of these places corrupt societies run them secretly it's the only reason they exist, but much of these spirits can communicate, I've had them communicate with me two or three times, and was helped by these beings, and scientific facts do prove that spirits actually exist even in our realm, we cannot always see them, but they are there, also these corrupt fuck ass idiots they think the spiritual realm of spirits don't exist, but they have possibly never had encounters themselves so they say and think it is bull shit, but I laugh at those who see a spirit one day because they laugh at others! Maybe they will understand soon enough, most of them are psychotic and they are the ones with the true mental illness! Only dumb idiots thing there is no spiritual realm, for we are spirits in bodies ourselves we communicate through these vessels we call bodies, but yet only so very few realize that to, and we are not all always promised tomorrow for everyone goes and let's go of their bodies eventually and possibly reincarnation because God allows it, but yes even reincarnation exist to, if half of these doctors where not on the corrupt sides they wouldn't tell or make people seem or out to be crazy at all! The thing is they never experienced it on their own and if they have they are sworn to secrecy to never say anything and just turn people more crazy like the spiritual realm doesn't exist, but it always has! Your not alone though brother, don't worry there are many of us, and really people ain't crazy at all, it's just some where born with extra gifts of the spirit and some where not so they wouldn't understand and call others who are not like them crazy, but if I could say something it's to manipulate them like they manipulate to! Beat them in their own game!.

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