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Unread post Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:05 pm

Came across this article, good read and important issue.


There is a dangerous and wildly unpopular issue that has arisen far too often in shamanic, spiritual, psychological circles. And it’s time we shake it down.

If you are a student, apprentice, client or follower of a shamanic teacher or healer, and your teacher, healer, or shaman shows even a propensity to cross your or another’s sexual or sexual-emotional boundaries, meaning, he is oddly charming with you to the point you feel inflated, special or somehow chosen, or he seems to flirt with you or with other women, or he feels just a bit too close, or makes comments that verge on or are explicit sexual innuendo, or you witness his charming or flirtatious behavior with other women and it just feels creepy and wrong to you — do not doubt what you are perceiving.

Do not second-guess yourself.

Your inner GPS, your gut, your unfuckwithable intuition is telling you something is wrong.

Do not talk yourself out of this one, especially if your head is saying that your shamanic teacher is fairly well-known, or has a Ph.D., or has published books and has thousands of followers on social media, so he just could not possibly be messing with your psyche, when you have come for healing and guidance, or as a student to learn a tradition and healing system.

Truth is, it happens too often. And it is not supposed to.

So if it happens to you or you witness it, or even suspect it, get the heck out of there.

Seek support from others outside that circle. And proceed with healing your soul.

As you take care of your own soul and heart, you will support others in doing the same. And make strides toward ending this sort of damaging, oppressive behavior.

I have witnessed this oppressive and traumatizing phenomenon in a few ways — in the stories of many of my own psychotherapy and shamanic clients who have sought me out to help them heal the deep wounds that result from this sort of abuse of power — as well as, over the course of a couple years, when I witnessed this directly while observing a former romantic partner of mine conduct shamanic/Jungian psychological workshops.

Make no mistake, this sort of boundary-crossing and sexual ethics breach is a crime of the soul. A flagrant abuse of power. A violation of the spirit. And one from which it is vitally important to protect yourself — body and soul.

It is a crime of the soul because it violates the woman or man who is targeted (anecdotal evidence, across decades, show that it is more often women who are targeted), preyed upon and being groomed on nearly every level of her being: psychologically, psychospiritually, emotionally, spiritually, and psychosexually, breaking some of the oldest and most important boundaries of sexual ethics that have come about through the development of both ancient and modern anthropological, psychological and spiritual healing systems.

Your teacher, healer or shaman is in a position of both implied and explicit power. When this power is used in service of your soul’s healing and spirit’s expansion, your teacher, healer, or shaman is, indeed, in right relation with his power, his own soul and psyche, as well as with your soul and body.

However, if he uses his power or influence over you or others — rather than in service of your soul — to meet his own egoic needs to feel powerful, accomplished, attractive, needed, or even loved, then he is abusing his power, committing a crime of the soul and spirit, inducing harm through traumatic abuse of you, and very likely other women and men too.

Good news is, if you are genuinely called to a shamanic, spiritual path, there are solid shamanic teachers and healers around the world who will not compromise your soul in this way.

There are many shamanic teachers who have done enough of their own depth-oriented psychological and spiritual inner healing work so that they will not abuse their power to inflate you, mess with your psyche and your body, and take your money while doing damage to your soul for an unconscious narcissistic complex of their own.

As I imagine many of you know, this is such a common problem, reports of which have been in the media for decades, and across cultures and spiritual practices of all sorts. And it is not acceptable.

From everything I have witnessed and learned over the last 20 years, in spiritual, psychological and shamanic communities worldwide, I believe that women who are targeted in this way are the very ones who hold the power to stop this sort of oppressive treatment.

It is not only oppressive and damaging to women, and to men, but is an egregious violation of the archetypal Feminine, the soul of the world, and to the very earth, Gaia, Pachamama, Terre Mère, to which these abusive shamanic teachers are ostensibly devoted.

Source: ... oundaries/ via Rebelle Society blog

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Unread post Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:36 am

Let's not fall into gender bias and paint Male as an adversary to spiritual development; and also paint Female as the archetype for spiritual morality. We're already currently in a deeply troubled time with many leaders pinning us against one another to take the attention away from them and their agendas. Evil exists without gender. No gender exists without the other.

If you or anyone has experienced a breach of trust from another person in the role of guide or teacher then it is understood that the person professing that role is unworthy of the position. Please seek communication with someone who can guide you into the realization that you are not at fault for their guile and abuse. Do however take responsibility for the manner that you treat others after your episode of neglect and abuse and do not feel entitlement to replay the cycle of the lesson you were taught. You are a beacon of Love and Light if it is your choice to be.

We are everything; together.

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