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candle magic

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Working With Candles - their purposes

Candle magic is a way of drawing in positive manifestation through law of attraction to you and your lifestyle. In any kind of magical working, intention is always important. Be wise and conscious of your thoughts and intention to make sure it stays positive. Colours of candles mean different purposes as well just as it does in colour healing.

Black Candles

Black is not always a negative colour, in fact it can also be neutral, particularly if intent is not there to sustain the guiding message within its depths. Black has many meanings but for some you can light a black candle to clear the air, and it will bring in extra protection for whomever is lighting the candle at the time. It can also absorb negativity as well. It can repel negative energy and negative vibrations and can assist in raising the vibes too.

For most part, black colour has received a bad reputation, and many misunderstandings, the candle itself can be a powerful instrument for intent and should only be used with caution, for someone that knows what they are truly doing with the manifestation of candle magic. Many associate this with backward beliefs about it being malicious and evil, but it can also be used for good intentions and good work. Be careful on how you use a black candle, just make sure your intention is not there to harm another or yourself. Either way, when working with candles, the choice is entirely yours to choose whether you need a black or a white candle, tailor it to meet your needs.

Candle magic can be used to add strength or vitality to any spell-work. You don’t need to be a witch to look at candle magic manifestation. You can do so without it as long as your intention is a positive one and is there. But it does help in knowing what you are doing first of all to be able to prepare a candle magic working. Tea lights would be preferable to use it because the tea light would burn down easy enough, not to be relit again.


Blue candles will promote a sense of peacefulness, of calmness and tranquility, they can also represent energies of communication, truthfulness, wisdom and understanding, good luck and contentment. They can invite the person to look and draw in new energies of active communication and is often known as the best healing colour for all workings with candles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you could mix and match the colours when working in candle flame magic so that you get the best of both worlds.


A red candle can be useful in contributing traits of compassion, passion, and defensive action in magic. Red candles are fab for breaking through mental blockages for encouraging rapid changes, as well as action. They are energising and a driving motivation to bring in bouts of high action, strength, willpower and will assist in conquering fear or laziness.


This is a fab colour for drawing in money and financial abundance and materialistic wealth, it brings love in and renewal and also can be a soother of balancing emotions, it can counteract jealousy and is fab calmer for stress headaches as well.

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