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What is a Curse?

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Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:29 am

What is a curse?
by Bunnyrabbit

This is a good question as there seems to be a misunderstanding as to what a curse really is. Simply put a curse is a spell or prayer that wishes something harmful to befall a person, group of people or object. A curse can be as easy to cast as simply saying words that wish harm to another or it can be an elaborate spell for the same purpose. However, there does have to be a certain amount of concentration and feeling (usually anger) involved. You have to truly wish that harm to fall on that person. So, a casual phrase against a person will probably cause little harm if any. But the more feeling you put into it the more of a curse it will be. This is why we should always be mindful of what we say.

Who has the ability to cast a curse? Anyone can cast a curse. Yes, that means even the devout christian can cast a curse, and more than likely they probably have at some point in their life cast a curse in the manner of a prayer to their god to cause harm to fall on someone. Most people think of a prayer as asking their deity for a benevolent favor for themselves or others or it’s a time they spend to give thanks for what they have. But a prayer is actually a conversation you have with your deity. Within that conversation you may give thanks and praise, ask for a benevolent favor or ask for your perceived enemy to come to some kind of harm. So just because you are not a witch doesn’t mean that you can’t cast a curse. And just because a person is a witch doesn’t mean that they are always casting curses. Few witches bother with casting curses. It’s just not worth the time, effort and consequences to do them.

I have had a lot of bad luck lately, did someone cast a curse on me? How do I know if all that bad luck is the result of a curse? More than likely it’s not a curse. There are several possible reasons for bad luck to fall on you besides a curse. So lets look at these other possibilities before we discuss whether or not a curse has been cast on you.

First off, there is The Law of Attraction. This states simply that like attracts like. In other words, if you put out harmful thoughts, deeds, or words then harmful things, bad luck, can and will come back to you. But then likewise if you put out good then good things should and will come back to you too. So if you’ve had quite a bit of bad luck fall on you lately then maybe you should look within yourself as to whether or not you’ve brought it onto yourself. Also remember as stated in physics “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. In other words watch what you do because it will come back to you.

Next, there is the belief in Karma. Again you are faced with the possibility that you’ve earned your bad luck, but in this case it might have something to do with a past life and not just this life alone. Some people will try past life regression to see their past life and to discover if they have earned their bad luck through actions they did before this life. I, however, don’t suggest that you spend a lot of money on this. Many times you can do this on your own through meditation. There are books on this subject that you can check out of the library or find in a book store. Read up on it first before spending a lot of money on some “expert”.

Talking about reincarnation brings up the possibility that you set yourself on this path long before your birth that might include misfortune. There are many that believe that while you waits to be reincarnated you plan out certain aspects of your next life. Not every step you will take but certain key points in your life. The usual reason for this is that many believe that we are here to learn certain lessons and to teach certain lesson to others. So, it is possible that your misfortunes are there to teach you something. How you handle these misfortunes determines if you’ve learned what you were suppose to learn.

There is also the fact that you may have to deal with some internal issues. We all have issues that we need to deal with from time to time and if we don’t then they build up and then cause problems in our physical world. So again I suggest that you meditate and see if you have something that you need to deal with on an internal issue. This could very well be spiritual and thus meditation will help you a great deal. But if you refuse to deal with this then your problems will only multiply and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Now to discuss the one factor that will probably not sit well with you. Shit Happens and there’s not a lot you can do about it. There is not always an explanation as to why something happens to you. But I do point out a paragraph before this one. Lessons are also sometimes set for us by the Deity/Deities and we simply have to work them out for ourselves.

Next lets consider whether or not someone has cursed you. First you need to understand the effort that is usually put out to cast a curse. You have to concentrate and build up the energy needed for the spell, some coming from you and some from what is around you. Most witches won’t even bother. They have better things to do with their time and most don’t want to deal with the consequences of their casting said curse. But as I said before, anyone can cast one even with an intense harmful thought. So you might ask yourself, did you piss off someone lately? I will admit that there are a few people that seem to think nothing of sending out harmful thoughts and curses for the fun of it or when paid to do it, but these are few and far between. But don’t go and think that it had to have been a witch because it could have been anyone.

If you are dealing with the results of a past Karma then you will find that there is little you can do about it but make the most of it. Learn from what is happening and do your best to counter it with mundane actions. If it’s a result of your current actions then you might consider changing your behavior. Though doing good won’t really cancel out the bad luck it can and will help to start bringing good things your way.

So, you have considered all the possibilities of what could be causing your misfortune and see no reason why you are having them. You cannot think of anyone who might be angry with you; you have been honest and fair in all your dealings; you have a positive outlook and the things happening seems beyond normal misfortune. Now you can look at the possibilities of a curse. Remember that curses are very rare and most witches won’t bother with them for already stated reasons. Also remember that everyone from time to time will have a series of bad luck, this is normal. But if you feel your bad luck has gone past normal misfortune or if it seems to have come upon you very suddenly then you might have been cursed.

So lets say that it’s been established that a curse has been cast against you, what is the next step? It is generally easy to break a curse. Though there are some that can be more difficult. But lets discuss the easy way first. This method costs very little which is a plus for it. You shouldn’t have to pay some awful amount of money to break a curse. Most of the people that charge large amounts of money to break a curse are not to be trusted. They are out to make as much as possible off you and will have you coming back several times costing you more money each time. Breaking a curse is something that can be done easily and with little fuss most of the time.

So here’s one method. You’ll need a black or red or white taper candle (not a large one though) and a bowl that’s not too deep and is fire proof, matches or lighter to light the candle and water and a pinch of salt. Now stick the candle to the bottom of the bowl and then fill the bowl with water about half way up the bowl but not covering up the candle. Add a pinch of salt to the water and say a prayer or blessing over it. Now as you light the candle you say words that have meaning to you about breaking the curse like “I light this candle to break the curse, when it is put out by the water then the curse will be broken”. Let the candle burn in a safe place till the water puts it out. Your curse is now broken. Just remember that all the while the candle is burning you are concentrating on breaking the curse. It’s that concentration that does the work and the candle and water help you to visualize what you are doing. Now just bury the candle stub and water in the ground off your property and you have finished the spell.

If you feel you are in danger of being cursed then I suggest you do some kind of protection. This can be as simple as asking your priest to bless a cross for you to wear all the time or you can do a blessing on one yourself using whatever symbol that you feel is protective. There are also stones that help with protection and they are not expensive. Black Tourmaline is one and black Onyx is another. Basically black stones are protective. You can also burn sage and cleanse your home and yourself to add to the protection. And my favorite is to sprinkle a bit of salt at the entrances of your home and on the window sills while saying some words of protection like “with this salt I block all that is harmful from entering my home”. Shields are also a good idea. You just imagine a protective bubble around yourself that lets in only that which is good for you. Some people will say that wearing a blue bead will protect you from the Evil Eye. There are any number of things you can do to protect yourself from curses.

One thing I will say right now is that you shouldn’t live your life afraid of being cursed. Very few people bother with casting them and they tend to only be as strong as you let them be. Half of the curse is your belief in them. A positive outlook does wonders to your protection. But living in constant fear is simply not a way to live your life. Life is an adventure of ups and downs and how we react to them can help us grow spiritually and mentally. Don’t be afraid of things just because they aren’t going as you thought they should or if things seems to be going all wrong. These are opportunities for growth and you should take advantage of it. Pray to your Deity or Deities for support and guidance. Or talk to your spirit guides. It all depends on your particular path you walk. Just don’t live in fear.
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Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:48 am

Thankyou bunny

Very insightful and informative .I will be referring people to this link often .

Hugs Shell
Smile it confuses them .

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Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:22 am

This is a pretty good run down for curses. I believe most spiritual matters are mere extensions of senses and things that happen in the 'normal world' only wielded through intention. This includes people wanting to harm you, while for those who typically avoid doing things that would cause others to feel in a way that they'd want to curse you, you must protect yourself from unstable people, or people who have the wrong idea and thus want to cause you harm. Thank you for that .

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Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:30 pm

Hey Bunny
Thank you for posting this, I was sort of worried about certain things though this changed my perspective. I have felt more control in life recently more than ever before, so not a curse just the way we see it :peace:

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