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Witches Bottle of Protection

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Witch’s Bottle of Protection

The history of the witch’s bottle goes back hundreds of years. They can be used for protection of the witch who puts it together, as well as for other uses. There are different ways of putting one together but this is one of the more common ways. There is one ingredient that is always included in all witch’s bottles and that is urine of the witch making it. This adds power to the witch’s bottle. As the bottle once sealed is never opened there is no danger of the smell. However, many will replace the urine with either wine or vinegar and sometimes then add either a few drops of blood of the witch or a part of the witch’s person like nail clippings or hair. Follow the directions and all will go well. Cast a circle and assemble the jar within the circle. You are making magic while doing this so a circle is advisable. This witch’s bottle is for protection.

Supplies :
1) Wide mouth bottle or jar with lid
2) Go around outside your home and find broken glass, mirrors, nails, straight pins. Anything sharp or "dangerous". Or find them in your home. Mirrors are great for this spell as they will reflect anything that is sent to you back to the sender. You can find tiny mirrors in craft stores.
3) Stones (choose at least 1) : Black Tourmaline (Earth)(Protective, for it absorbs negativity when charged for that purpose) and/or Mica (Air)(Protection) and/or Amethyst (Water)(Protection Against Thieves) and/or Coral (Water, Akasha)(Protection, Peace, Wisdom) and/or Quartz Crystal (Fire, Water)(Protection, Power)
4) Herbs (choose 3) : Black Pepper (Fire)(Protection, Exorcism), and/or Chili Pepper (Fire)(Hex-Breaking), and/or Bay Leaves (Fire)(Protection, Strength) and/or Pine (Air)(Protection, Exorcism)
5) 1/8 cup vinegar or wine or to make it more powerful and traditional use your own urine and the urine of anyone in the home you wish to protect. However, nail clippings or a few strands of hair from each person you are protecting will work too with the vinegar. For your pets, add something from their body, like a few hairs or a feather that fell off if it's a bird, if you wish to include them in the protection.
6) Salt
7) Parchment or paper
8) Pen
9) Red or Black candle

Write on parchment or paper and speak the spell giving your intent :

    "I do this spell to protect myself, my family and my home. May all that is harmful that
     has been or will be sent to me be returned to the sender. May naught but what is
     good and helpful enter. And let me know by word or deed that this spell is working.
     Let this spell continue to be active for as long as I live in this place. As I Will It, So
     Mote It Be!"

Add this parchment and all the ingredients except the candle into the jar. 

Cap the jar tightly and seal it by dripping the candle wax around the closed lid. This is so that the sender can't see that you have broken their sending and to protect you from retribution.

Bury outside the home on the property preferably next to your front steps or if you can't then hide it in your home where no one can find it and you won't disturb it. If you move, then make a new witch’s bottle for the new home. For those that had hidden their bottle in their home then it's up to you if you wish to make a new one, but I would say the couplet again and dedicate it to the new home and then hide it again in the new home or bury it.

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