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What is Magic

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What is Wicca Magic

This is a topic that I've seen titling books, Facebook groups and pages for some time now. What is interesting is that there is no specific thing called Wicca magic that is truly different from other magics. First let’s look at the definition of magic. It is "the manipulation of energies for a wanted and/or needed change". Another definition is “The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity to will.” Both definitions talk of manipulation. These definitions apply to all forms of magic. There are no exceptions to it. So, what do people mean when they say, "Wicca magic"? Are they implying that there are magical spells that only Wicca do? Are they implying that there are magical spells that Wicca can’t do? I'm not sure.

But first let’s look at where this energy we use in magic come from? Energy is in all physical matter; in the living as well as the non-living. Energy also exists on its own without any physical matter at all. What we also must understand is that this magical energy can also come from the Deities. Remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be released from a physical matter or put into a physical matter; it can be used and sent forth; but you can’t destroy it and you can’t create it.

It is known that all matter radiates energy. You can see it in the form of an aura. This aura differs from one object to another. In other words, each object, living or non-living, has its own energy signature. Some people can see auras or feel the energy field around an object, but anyone can learn to see and/or feel the energy in an object and anyone can utilize it in a magical spell working.

Something else that we need to remember about magic and that is that it starts and ends with the mind. Without the mind we wouldn’t have magic. What I mean is that we have to focus our minds on the end goal, or intent, to make the magic work. And we have to think and focus that goal to the finished product to get what we actually want. In other word, if you wish to get a job you don’t just envision you filling out a job application. You see yourself actually getting and doing that job you wish to get. Thus, you envision the whole process of filling out the application, having a successful interview and then getting the job and doing well at it. So you see that the process not only starts with your mind, your thought of your intent, but also the end result is also in your mind.

How does magic actually work? This isn’t easily answered. Scientists are only just now learning that the mind can actually affect the physical world. They don’t understand how this happens but they can measure energies from the brain and the effects it has on the physical. One thought is that the energy field of a person can in some way change the energy field in another object. This is how those that are said to have healing hands can cause the healing of the sick. The energy field of a sick person is considered off balance and thus the healer by using their hands to send energies out causes the sick person’s energy field to change to a healthier frequency and thus the sick person’s health improves. By extension then when we do magic we are sending out those energies to the world and causing the energies of what is the intended target to change and thus you have a magical result.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what others may mean when they say, “Wicca magic”. First off magic is magic. Whether you are Wicca, Pagan, Traditional Witch, Hoodoo, Voodun or whatever. What might be different is your method and type of magic that you do and this is basically governed by your personal ethics. Now I'm not placing any judgment on anyone's personal ethics. It is, as I said, personal and it isn't my place to tell you what your ethics should be. But I will state what the ethics of a Wicca usually is. Wicca is generally governed by three basic principles: The Wicca Rede, The Three-Fold Law, and the concept of Free Will. Others may follow some of or all of these principles but that's their personal choice.

Next is what or how does these principles effect Wicca in their choices of spell work that they do? Let’s first take a brief look at what these principles mean to Wicca. The Wicca Rede basically states, "An it harms none, do what ye will". This doesn't mean do absolutely no harm. It really means to do as little harm as possible because, quite frankly, to live is to do harm. It's as simple as that. The Three-Fold Law or as some call it The Law of Return basically means that everything we do will come back to you three times what you sent out. And then there is the principle that everyone has Free Will. That people have the right to choose to not be magically manipulated into doing something or having something done to them or for them that is against their personal wants or ethics.

So how, for Wicca, are these principles applied to magic? Basically, it means that by following these Wicca Ethics the Wicca carefully choose the methods and types of spells that they will do. They might do a love spell but they wouldn’t do one that targets a specific person into loving them or someone else. Wicca would do a general love spell that would bring love to them or they might want to do a spell on themselves to learn more fully how to love themselves or others. Wicca would on general principle not do any spell that would cause the death of any animal or person or was environmentally unsound. That means that they wouldn't do a spell where an animal is used in sacrifice as part of the spell working. And many Wicca avoid doing any spell that requires parts of animals as ingredients for the spell work as well. And of course, the Wicca avoids doing anything that might come back to them in a way they wouldn't like. Those of other paths will have their own set of ethics and ways they practice magic. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do the same spells that a Wicca would do though.

One more item to address is that there is no such thing as black magic or white magic. Magic is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. However, how a person uses magic, in other words, their intent, is what makes it good or bad. So, it’s not actually the magic that is good or bad but the person’s intent. Many spells that may look good or bad can be used for either purpose. It all depends on how a person directs it. Thus, don’t blame the magic but the person who did it.

So, is there such a thing as Wicca magic? Not really. There is simply spell workings that a Wicca will do and certain spell workings that a Wicca tends to not do. And any magic that a Wicca does anyone can do. It isn't the exclusive possession of Wicca. Just like any magic or spell working that others of other paths do are not exclusive to them. Magic is magic and available to all those who wish to practice it.

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