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Personal Meditation it the natural way!

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Sun May 12, 2019 12:53 am

Meditation is an excellent way to gradually train your mind to become accustomed to creating a more open lifestyle, maintaining clarity of thought and positive intentions throughout life, and seeing things from new and exciting perceptions.

It doesnt require an in depth knowedge of its attributes in order to gain benefit from its practice but your comprehension of its uses and beliefs on how it indeed works can only benefit your visualizations/intentions.

Ive read that there are two main types of meditation - one being "Concentration" and the other "Contemplation". I prefer to contemplate during walking meditation as concentration i enjoy in a fixed sitting position.

It is advisable to limber up with some mild stretching to help in relieving any muscle tension as this can only strengthen potential experiences in achieving "states of calm".

Be especially sure that any distractions have been dealt with and any plans can be set aside to allow yourself to maintain mental clarity and positive reaffirmation throughout.

Begin by affixing a pillow on the floor to sit on cross-legged(lotus position) and ensuring that your wrists are placed at your knees as comfortably as possible with palms facing up. Straighten the back and shoulders to alleviate pressure on the diaphragm for an easier inhale/exhale and to properly align yourself.

The hands themselves can be positioned in certain ways to stimulate the meridian energy pathways in the palms and provide increased focus and awareness with positions such as the "gyan" mudra where the tip of the index meets the tip of the thumb in a circle and the other three fingers stretch outward.

Close the eyes and "visualize" in your mind that the air itself is a bright white energy being breathed in through your nostrils and into the stomach, bring the breath up into the chest and exhale dark energy which you can visualize as cigarette smoke or whatever you so choose.

With each exhale truly feel and imagine your body becoming more and more relaxed, being sure to focus on any areas of your body that seem cramped or tense as complete physical relaxation is what you want.

Begin visualizing a glowing energy building in the toes/feet, rising through lower and upper legs and into the stomach and back leading to the shoulders and through the arms to the fingers, lastly engulf the neck/head and hold this "full" visualization of your body as accurately as you can.

Any bodily twitching or itches should be considered as simply energy being freed up and becoming unblocked. If any part of yourself is difficult to sense then this should be considered as an area that needs further energetic work.

With the eyes closed begin to count from 1 to 10 slowly while visualizing each number being -traced- by an outline upon inhale and -filling up- upon exhale before moving to the next number with your goal being to maintain a clear mind with as little intrusive thoughts as possible without leaving your count for any longer a second or two.

When you feel an intrusive negative thought or song that may be stuck in your head, try to "garble" it out and counter with a positive thought before simply releasing it and continuing with your meditative stillness.

"Know that it takes around 12 - 15 mins for the average persons mind to settle down and begin focusing intently".

Lastly it takes up to 3 weeks for the average person to develop a habit of some form of recreational activity such as meditation so dont be discouraged too quickly and be wary of your body positioning as over time posture will need to be readjusted during your practice as a form of physical conditioning.

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