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Grounding, clearing, and healing through nature

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:18 am
by stacyl222
We are like human filters, we easily absorb pain, anger, fear, negativity, and on some occasions illnesses as we do our work (in a spiritual sense). Over time our filters get clogged up with residue and needs cleaned. This can be done a variety of ways but my favorite is literally going to the basics of my being.
As time goes on I have found being in nature and truly being one with nature is healing and cleansing. A walk in the grass barefoot, in the garden with hands in the soil, barefeet against the ground allowing/imagining deep, strong roots like the mighty oak tree burrowing into the ground for connection and strength, wind blowing away all worries and heartbreak into the universe and the sun shining down with its bright, warm, cleansing and uplifting rays cleaning out the negativity in even the darkest most hurtful places within us.
I even like to take my selenite slabs that I use to cleanse my stones and even my stones outside for cleansing time. Many of the things we need to maintain balance is literally right outside the door, already provided for us to utilize.
Chakras most affected?? All... It starts by grounding with the root and moves right on up to the crown as we clear, harmonize, and heal.
Love and light ♥️♥️♥️