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Reiki: Approaching Distant Healing (Posted for member Ckj it the natural way!

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Wed May 10, 2017 1:22 am

Hi all

This is a post for a member but feel free to read.. or add your tips for using reiki for distance healing

My tips:

Some people have been known to have a teddy bear to use whilst doing distance healings. So if this person needed head specific reiki then they would use the bear, and focus on bears head whilst holding intentions that the receiver would feel and receive the same

I believe 100% that reiki can travel anywhere, I have no doubt about it :) I feel that regardless of method, if it's your intention and you use the symbols and / or 'Reiki, ON!'' then the Reiki does and will go. But it's nice to know that's so and using an object can help you with your intentions, so bears always good for this.

Another one was taught to me with Kundalini reiki - that is you write the receivers name with your finger in your palm so (with right hand, you'd write 'amy' into your left palm. And then place palms together and affirm 'Kundalini reiki, on!'' and the healing will begin. They say to place the palms infront of you, around 5cm apart until you can feel the reiki building up between your hands :) it tends to work verywell and you may feel what I can only describe as the 'magnetic pull' between your palms. When you feel the energy stop, the healing is done and as always, it will go to the receiver and work on receiver for around 30 mins. The typical time it takes to do the palm method for me is around 4-5 mins, but in some cases, 10-15

the final one is visualisation, and I like to visualise reiki building up with my intent, i gather it, and then once all has gathered i visualise this ball of energy being sent. I tell the energy ''reiki on, i am now sending this healing to __name__ thank you (whilst the receiver is calling it in) -- I prefer this for when reiki is to be called in at a later time using for them the affirm ''I am now receiving reiki healing sent by (your name), thank you

Other than that, it's also a nice idea to attune a gemstone and give it as a gift, that has worked too.

Hope this helps you, ckj and anyone else who is wondering how distant healing can be dealt with. Above all, intent is everything so find what works for you :)

You could also use names on a piece of paper, between your palms, and then 'reiki on' ...

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Samantha, are you by any chance a pokemon fan? You visualization is a good one. Thanks.

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