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waterfall clearing visualization it the natural way!

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Unread post Mon May 15, 2017 5:17 pm

The Waterfall Visualization

Find a waterfall that you are drawn to use for this exercise today. Know that waterfalls are exceedingly powerfully cleansing energy to use, particularly if when working with the veil of waterfall energy.

See its beautiful cascading tide of light in your awareness and mind’s eye. Build it up - the image - so that you visualize yourself standing beneath the fall itself, listening to the thunderous sounds of the water as it cascades over the jutted rocks above. Feel the vibrations from this beautiful visualization. See yourself standing beneath the spray.

Note how it feels energetically as it descends over the rocks, falling in straight motion down rushing through you as a channel - through your channels - clearing you from within to inside out, firstly focusing on your crown chakra - the spill of light and the natural energy from the spray, and the veil, magically clearing away the doubt, the fear, the grey-ness, guiding energy that needs to be cleared, the clouds of confusion, and anything that’s needed to be cleared away from your chakra, then moving gradually to the third eye, doing the same, on to the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakra and as the water flows on wards it descends down into the pool, wherein there is a fissure in the pool itself to where it flows on, carrying what’s needed to be carried away, eventually it will lead into the river, which will lead into the sea, so that it can indeed be cleansed and purified on route.

Listen to the relaxing bubbling sounds of the pool below as the water spirals out into the gathering well of water below. Clear away what’s needed to be cleared, know that if you pick the right waterfall, its energies will help you and clear you and your aura fully, extra specially good for use after readings.

When finished, thank the waterfall for her time and energy, and then return to the room with a clearer mindset and a refreshed awareness of self.

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very powerful. ..i learnt this technique on ABT in one of the online classes long time back and it is indeed very helpful in cleansing ...i have not been cleansing through this meditation for some time ...its a good reminder that i should do
thanks Celtic.

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more than welcome, abs. And yes, waterfall energy is amazingly thorough too, especially the veil!

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