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10 ways to clear your crystals it the natural way!

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10 ways to clear stones and gemstones

Moonlight - or super moon energy - place on windowsill ledge for 3 hours or 3 days on the eve of the full or supermoon and ask via positive intention for Selene (moon goddess) to clear your stones
White Light - A column or a ray of bright white light descending down from the universe’s heart of the universe and into the stone itself is also a good way of clearing and cleansing
Smudging - Light incense, blow it out so that it smokes in the way you would usually, keep away from animals, children and hold it at the non-burning end as well with carefulness, and state with positive intention: Please clear my stones from any old programmings; allow and visualize the smoke to clear away any old negative vibrations from your stones
Reiki or Positive Healing - hold stone in your palm of hand and up to your heart - ask for the flow of reiki to be sent to the stone for 30 seconds and ask for it to be cleared, positive healing - visualize flow of healing depending on which modality of healing you use - ball form or ray form to surround the stone itself and ask for it to be cleared.
Rain/Sea Water - light warm water bath - some stones like amethyst prefer to be cleared by using water. DO NOT USE Water for soft-cantered stones like Selenite or Gypsum, will erase the stone away. You can mix and match to make up sea water - with sea salt and water - will produce same effect as sea water for stones like Amethyst.
Starlight - same as moonlight energy, good to use for stones like moldavite or star based energy stones.
Self-Cleansing stones ; Citrine or Carnelian if asked can be placed in the vicinity of the stone and be asked to cleanse and clear stones around them as well as themselves
Clearing Grids with Crystals - same process and with positive intention always
Sunlight - similar to starlight but can charge a stone as well as clear it.
Angel Healing Rays-Spirit - Spirit can also direct you to a stone that requires healing, and can through their angel healing hands and light energy also clear stones in the same way with healing and positive intention.

When choosing stones:-

When you go to a crystal store or shop that sells crystals, the first stone that calls out to you is the one to work with at the time of the call! If you are drawn to a certain stone as well, then that is usually the case that this is the stone to work with entirely at this stage in your journey.

Stones can call out through their energy; stones choose you, not the other way around! This is how the bond of friendship starts between you and them! Energetic calls can be heard through tones, whistling from the stones, sometimes people can pick up a stone and it goes warm in their hand, and sometimes people will pick up another stone and instantly feel relief or peacefulness with it, other times they will go completely freezing depending on the person, and if a stone shows you cloudiness that also means that has awakened to your healing hands.

When working with stones-

Always better to ground and protect. Best to hold the crystal you are working with and introduce yourself as you would as an old friend would, say hello, etc, who you are, ask for the stone to show you why it has called to you and go with the flow on what it wishes to show you, if you are unsure or uncertain or feel it feels negative or not right at any time, ask for the stone to stop and ask for the stone to say its heard your request and give you a sign of confirmation to say that it has. It will respect your wishes as well and stop until you are ready to work with it again.

Personally, I like this way because it starts out as a friendship connection, but for those that wish to program the stone as well, rather than bond with it, there is another way of approach to program your stones to accept only the higher works of higher communication as well.

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