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chakra clearing guided meditations it the natural way!

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:54 pm

a new way of clearing and deeply clearing old emotional and negative vibes from energy if one wishes to

Hi all. I've got a new way for clearing your chakras for deep cleansing away all negativity and freezing out old friendships of the past. Works with every chakra - just newly invented. Tailor it to meet your needs!

So the idea is to visualize the energy - e.g. if crown chakra - white energy, for example, all congested energy in your crown chakra frozen up pattern-wise like a salt lamp because it is the equivalent idea to cleanse your chakras with. So you build up the iced energy as a frozen piece of white ice in your mind build it up furthermore to the point where you can just put in a iced-over well - a candle - tea light- and then while it freezes over fully it freezes out all the negative acquaintances and friendships that have drifted on, clears out the old negative vibrations as well freezing out the name of the person you wish to energetically clear from and let go of... so if you will picture some sculptured ice like a salt lamp style and place a tea light candle within the well and light it.... as the ice melts alongside with the candle that burns, it melts away the negative vibrations and congested feelings associated with that persons' name/being. When tea light has finished burning the candle will burn out leaving a vapor rising upwards with which you can clear the chakra as well energetically.

As the melting liquidizes into white wax from within, it purifies with our positive intention to let go of the old emotion and therefore as the lighted candle's flame burns out, the white smoke clears away the old energy from that chakra as well.... leaving you feeling free and clear.... so same principal to apply to every chakra,
when you are finished with the crown, move down to the third eye, same process, when finished with that chakra, to the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and the root.....

So when you approach this, please please stay focused on that sculptured ice for as long as you feel that energy within the chakra has been frozen out and is considered comfy before visualizing the ice melting from the lighted candle within. When finished with all, thank the energy of the element water and fire for universally working with your chakras.

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Fri May 31, 2019 11:17 pm

I have found a group on youtube called tibetan sounds. They offer many chakra cleansing/tune ups ranging from 11 minutes to 3 hours. I find the 11 and 14 minute to be very effective in the morning and evening and anytime im frazzled from encounters.

Here is the link to the 11 minute

link to 14 minute

if you want longer, it is easy to go to the tibetan sounds youtube page and find them.

love and light
We are either a crystal or a stone. Each can be shiny or dull, have low or high vibrations which can raise or balance energy. Even the gravel are stones and have a purpose. All living souls have a purpose :heart:

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Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:42 pm

Excellent notion there stacy. :) Thanks for sharing, this compliments the chakra post.

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