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The Great Shift

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Found this interesting. Love to hear any thoughts. This is just a summary you can find that whole thing at the link at the end.

Chapter 1
Social Signs That a Shift is Happening


The violence, oppression, and injustice in the world today are manifestations of thousands of years of human immersion in third dimensional experience. In the darkness before the dawn of a profound awakening of global human consciousness, our media give the impression that things are worse than they really are. Some conventional signs of human betterment include the global abolition of slavery, the elimination of the death penalty in most countries, a decline in the number of armed conflicts in the last ten years, and the cleansing effect of corporate greed, priestly and military misconduct being made public and held accountable. The decline in the number of armed conflicts is especially surprising, but four different organizations using different criteria find the same trend. Many signs of individual and cultural shifts in human consciousness are occurring with increasing frequency and intensity but are largely ignored by mainstream mass media. Signs of positive cultural change include the dramatic development of a new "transmodern" cultural identity in the last forty years, reawakening of the secular and sacred feminine, increasing public availability of formerly secret indigenous and ancient spiritual knowledge, and global human interconnections made possible by the internet. At the individual level, millions have experienced awakening to a larger reality that lies beyond our purely physical experience through spontaneous spiritual awakening, near-death experiences and extraterrestrial contact experiences.



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Chapter 2
Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (I): Physics and Biology

Now, my suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. Biologist J.B.S. Haldane, Possible Worlds, 1927.


In this chapter, I identify the strengths and limitations of the scientific method itself, describe the approach I have used to extend rational inquiry beyond physical reality, and examine empirical evidence and theories in physics and biology that provide intimations of what I imprecisely call the "larger reality." A common misconception about the nature of scientific inquiry is that theories can be proved. Instead, scientific knowledge advances by a process of falsification and confirmation rather than proof. Furthermore, the Duhem-Quine (DQ) thesis proposes that multiple interpretations of the same empirical observations are possible and that the strength of a theory rests on the consistency with which multiple corollary hypotheses can be explained. At this level, experimental results that are not consistent with the theory are generally taken into account by making adjustments elsewhere in order to reestablish consistency.

Mainstream science reduces the nature of reality to that which can be physically measured or inferred by measurement and mathematics. There is a body of evidence in physics and biology that is suggestive of the existence of a larger reality, of which the physical is only a small part. Open skeptics acknowledge the possibility of a reality beyond the physical and mathematical abstractions, but do not find the evidence compelling (the materialist paradigm); open believers accept the existence of such a larger reality, but are open to modifying their understanding of that reality with new information (the transcendent paradigm). I provide examples of other scientists who have made the same shift and I share my personal journey from skeptic to believer.

When I accepted that my conception of reality was too limited, I used my training as a geologist to develop a rational approach to understanding this larger reality. I found the DQ thesis helpful in providing a framework for developing an alternate model of reality (a transcendent paradigm) without having to reject those aspects of the materialist paradigm that remained consistent with my new model. When I mapped soils I knew that the lines I was drawing were abstractions that couldn't reflect the full complexity of soil patterns. Consequently, I am acutely aware that the map of the larger reality that I present here should not be confused with the territory itself. I found that I had to develop additional criteria for evaluating information that I would not have considered worthy of attention when I was a skeptic. To continue the mapping metaphor, I applied these criteria to a wide variety of information sources to develop an ever-evolving map of the territory. The confidence that I place in a particular feature of the map depends on how many different lines of evidence or different sources of a particular line of evidence are in agreement.

Having only recently "crossed the tracks" from a materialist to a transcendent paradigm, in this chapter I begin building an evidentiary case for a transcendent paradigm while remaining respectful of the materialist paradigm. I first present evidence from physics, such as dark matter, string theory, Newtonian interconnectedness and nonlocality, that suggest increasing parallels and convergence in the materialist and transcendent paradigms. I then present evidence, primarily from the biological sciences, for intimate connections between consciousness and matter that also suggest convergence in the materialist and transcendent paradigms. Finally, I conclude the chapter by acknowledging the work of many before me who have suggested that humanity is in the midst of a profound shift in consciousness and describe some ways of understanding how the Great Shift might occur.



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Chapter 3
Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (II): Social Science and Direct Observation Using High Sense Perception


This chapter continues the scientific framework for understanding the Great Shift by focusing on social-scientific and direct-observational evidence of realms beyond the physical. There is a large body of social-scientific evidence based on controlled experimental measurement of paranormal phenomena, such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis and distant healing. Carefully documented individual case studies and systematic study of multiple examples involving phenomena that are not readily explained by mainstream science are other useful sources of social-scientific information. My own long puzzlement over conflicting results in experiments testing paranormal phenomena was resolved by experiments demonstrating the ability of experimenter expectations to influence the outcome of experiments involving subtle paranormal phenomena. The experimenter-expectation effect provides added support to the evidence presented in the previous chapter that consciousness is the fundamental source of reality.

Individuals with high sense perception (HSP), the ability to perceive beyond the normal five senses via clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, provide another means by which higher dimensional reality can be understood. Lacking high sense perception myself, I rely on the criteria described in the previous chapter to evaluate information reported by those with HSP in developing my own map of the territory that lies beyond the physical. When evaluating such information I am always on the lookout for possible distortions resulting from what I call ego-filtration and frame-of-reference filtration.

This chapter also summarizes a large and diverse body of evidence that was largely outside my own frame of reference before my shift from a material to a transcendent view of reality. Multiple, independent lines of evidence support the following aspects of a larger reality that are helpful in understanding the shift in human consciousness that is underway:

--Our individual consciousness continues after death of the physical body.
--As individuated consciousness, many of us have experienced many lifetimes incarnated in physical bodies at different times in history.

-- HSP (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) is a latent capacity in all humans.

--The physical body is only the densest manifestation of a multi-layered human energy field that is intimately connected to planetary and cosmic energy fields.

-- Higher dimensions exist beyond the physical third-dimensional reality that we experience, and some of these dimensions can be explored via astral projection and direct observation by those with HSP.

-- These higher dimensions are populated with self-aware, conscious Beings of various types with whom communication is possible.

--The UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial contact experiences are real and can be largely understood in terms of multi-dimensional interactions between humans and higher dimensional Beings originating from other star systems and galaxies.



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Chapter 4
Scientific Framework for Understanding the Shift (III): Direct Communication From Higher Dimensions


When I recognized that my scientific conception of reality was too limited, I established a rational method for developing an understanding of the larger reality, described in the previous two chapters. I then resolved to follow wherever my method took me, no matter how far outside my previous frame of reference. The idea of higher dimensions inhabited by large numbers of self-aware Beings with whom communication is possible was far from my familiar cognitive territory. Nevertheless, once I accepted the existence of such Beings, I recognized that they represent a valuable source of information about transcendent reality and what it might mean for humanity and planet Earth to make a dimensional shift.

Channeling is the most commonly used term for the process by which higher dimensional Beings communicate telepathically through and to humans. This can occur in a variety of ways, with verbal information typically transmitted vocally or through some form of automatic writing. The diverse and often contradictory character of channeled information suggests that higher dimensional sources are not all-wise and omnipotent. All individuated consciousness, even when it recognizes itself as a facet of a larger unitary consciousness, has a point of view that influences the kind of information being communicated. Furthermore, human channels may further influence the information they receive as a result of ego- and frame-of-reference filtration (discussed in the previous chapter).

I found it necessary to develop criteria, in addition to those presented in Chapter 2, for evaluating channeled information from higher dimensional sources when deciding how, or whether, to incorporate it into my map of the territory. Some traits that increase my confidence in a higher dimensional source are: (1) acknowledgement by the source that there are inherent difficulties in translating higher dimensional perspectives into words, (2) acknowledgement that the frame of reference of the channel may influence the language that comes through, and (3) an insistence that the information only be accepted if it rings true to the listener or reader. After describing the additional criteria, I offer a classification scheme for higher dimensional Beings that I have found helpful in my own analysis of higher dimensional information. I also provide some information on specific higher dimensional sources and their human channels as a way of illustrating my approach to using channeled information.

Channeled higher dimensional information has its light and dark sides. The dark side is easily recognized when information has a fear-inducing or manipulative intent. The belly laugh seems to be third dimensional phenomenon, but I always appreciate higher dimensional sources that interject a little cosmic humor into their messages. On the other hand, in my own reading of channeled material I have occasionally experienced what I call the surfeit-of-sweetness-and-light (SSL) syndrome.

I acknowledge that the notion of channeled information being a useful source for understanding a larger reality is a stretch for skeptical readers, and even some who are comfortable with the idea of transcendent realms. I ask such readers to pay particular attention to what I present in this chapter. My understanding of the dimensional human consciousness shift described in subsequent chapters relies heavily on information from higher dimensional Beings who communicate through human channels. I will cite such sources the same way I cite mainstream scientific sources to identify areas of agreement, and areas where viewpoints differ. All higher dimensional sources that I cite have been subjected to the critical evaluation procedures described in this chapter.

This chapter concludes the scientific framework I have developed for understanding the Great Shift. Having relied primarily on human-based evidence in the first two chapters, I now shift to relying primarily on higher dimensional sources. However, I continue to test the higher dimensional perspective against evidence that is grounded in material reality. I have developed three major ways for doing this:

--By looking for emerging psychological, socio-cultural, economic and political patterns and trends that suggest a shift in human consciousness is underway (see Chapter 1 for this kind of evidence).

-- By developing testable hypotheses suggested by higher dimensional information that can be evaluated using existing data from the physical world. Chapter 5 presents geophysical and astrophysical hypotheses and data of this sort.

--By comparing theories and predictions derived from higher dimensional sources with those of mainstream science.



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Chapter 5
Geophysical Signs That A Shift Is Happening


Many higher dimensional sources suggest that geophysical events that are now occurring on Earth, such as earthquake and volcanic activity, severe weather events, and shifts in the intensity of the Earth magnetic field, are related to the dimensional shift in human consciousness that is underway. This chapter presents a series of higher-dimensionally-based hypotheses related to these geophysical changes and astrophysical changes related to solar activity, and tests them using data derived from mainstream scientific measurements.

Many higher dimensional sources agree that along with a dimensional shift in human consciousness, Earth is undergoing a dimensional shift as well. This dimensional shift is creating significant geophysical stresses that are being relieved by increased earthquake and volcanic activity and more extreme weather events. At the same time, the higher dimensional sources indicate that our collective human consciousness has reached a level which allows us to shift the location, intensity, or effects of these geophysical events so as to minimize harm to humans. Increased solar activity in the form of solar storms (more technically called solar proton events) is another sign of the shift, which has potentially disruptive effects in the form of severe geomagnetic storms. An increase in the Schumann Resonance, very low frequency waves in the Earth's atmosphere, has also been identified by many as a measurable indicator of Earth's dimensional shift. Finally, higher dimensional sources suggest that human consciousness change is intimately connected with the Earth's magnetic field and that shifts in consciousness become easier when magnetic intensity is reduced.

Eighteen testable hypotheses are presented in this chapter related to earthquake, volcanic, tornado and hurricane activity and their effects, solar activity and geomagnetic storms, the Schumann Resonance, and Earth magnetic field changes. The time period analyzed ranges from the last fifty-plus years (1950 to the present) for most of the geophysical and astrophysical and the last 50,000 years for magnetic field changes. Fourteen of the hypotheses were confirmed (78%) by subsequent data analysis, and three were rated as partially confirmed. I was not able to confirm a global upwards shift in the 7.8 harmonic of the Schumann Resonance using mainstream scientific data sources. However, I have offered a higher dimensional perspective that supports the hypothesis, even though I cannot confirm it within the framework of mainstream science.

The hypotheses related to geomagnetic field changes simply provide a different perspective on data which can also be explained as "normal" within the framework of mainstream science (i.e. skeptics can comfortably dismiss my interpretation if they wish to). The hypotheses related to tornadoes and hurricanes have other explanatory factors, but to my mind are not adequate to fully explain the trends, so I feel the higher dimensional perspective adds something to the understanding of these trends. The hypotheses related to earthquakes, volcanoes, solar windstorms and major geomagnetic storms do not easily fit into the framework of mainstream science.



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Chapter 6
Understanding the Shift (I): The Game of Duality and the Possible Human


This Chapter begins by asking: How can the caterpillar know what it is like to be a butterfly? As humans grounded in third dimensional linear time, we face a similar challenge in imagining what a dimensional shift in human consciousness might mean. The first stumbling block is imagining how we can possibly transcend greed, violence, injustice, suffering and the consequent destruction of life on planet Earth. We are still collectively at the stage where we must face up to the dark side of human existence. There are higher dimensional sources that characterize what is happening on Earth as a battle between the forces of Light and Darkness. I have come to understand experience in third dimensional Earth as a particularly intense form of what I think of as the Game of Duality. This game is being played out by souls on two different spiritual paths: service to others, and service to self through domination of others. This is a game that is played at several dimensional levels and spatially throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, so I find it necessary to introduce BETOs, NETOs and METOs as players in the current drama on planet Earth (beneficial, neutral, and mischievous extraterrestrial organizations).

I have found two views especially helpful in giving me a broader perspective on the pain and suffering that continues to happen on Earth. Kryon, a higher dimensional Being (HDB) with angelic affinities, tells us that all of us are powerful spiritual Beings pretending to be limited humans. However, we have done such a good job of pretending that we perceive ourselves to be limited humans aspiring to be powerful spiritual Beings. I also find useful the metaphor of Earth experience as a stage drama-the actors play the roles of victim and victimizer with passion and conviction, but the stage personas are not who they really are. After the performance no matter how much emotion, pain and suffering has occurred on stage, the actors get together and have a great time at the cast party. This is the profound meaning of the continuance of consciousness after death of the physical body; beyond our physical experience there is absolute acceptance and unconditional love.

This chapter concludes by focusing on my own caterpillar-like attempt at imagining what life on planet Earth might be like a hundred years in the future based on my understanding of the human potentials described in Chapter 3. I also invite you, dear reader, to give free reign to your own imagination of what is possible in the future. I conclude by suggesting that we remain open to multiple, positive possibilities for the future by cultivating a sense of anticipation rather than expectation.



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Chapter 7
Understanding the Shift (II): Time, Space, Great Cycles and the Positive Probable Timeline for Planet Earth

Absolutely, Positively, Unquestionably No Catastrophes. (Zoosh/Robert Shapiro, Shining The Light V, January 8, 1998:329, Light Technology Publishing,


My description of the possible human and future for human societies in the previous chapter was written after my frame of reference had been stretched by the human-based evidence for human potential (Chapter 3), but before my understanding of the larger reality was stretched much further by higher dimensional sources. This chapter begins by presenting some higher dimensional perspectives on time and space. The dimensional shift in human consciousness that is occurring requires us, as best we can, to modify our understanding of time as a linear sequence of events and to expand our understanding of space to include multiple, coexisting dimensions. Here I offer a seven-density model for the evolution of consciousness and a seven-dimensional model of the larger reality, but acknowledge that there are many other ways for understanding both. Time is a convenient mechanism for keeping track of change and evolution in the cosmos (All That Does). At the same time we can think of All That Is as encompassing a Cosmic Eternal Now with coexisting possible and probable past and future timelines happening simultaneously.

Various lines of evidence suggest that the Great Shift coincides with the ending of a 26,000 year cycle. This 26,000 year cycle, related to the precession of the solstices/equinoxes arising from the tilt in the Earth's axis of rotation, is recognized in the Mayan calendar and the Hindu Vedic tradition. It can also be derived from the I Ching and roughly coincides with a 24,000 year astrologic cycle marking the shift to the Age of Aquarius. An interesting aspect of the ending of the current cycle in the evolutionary drama on planet Earth is that it coincides with an alignment between the Earth, the Sun and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Planetary shifts from the third to the fourth dimension are a common occurrence in the cosmos. The way such a shift usually happens is that most of the inhabitants die because of the misuse of powerful technologies that they do not have the maturity to use wisely, or as a result of catastrophic geophysical events as the planet adjusts to the new dimensional level. A Harvest of Souls takes place during which time those who are ready to move to the next dimensional level do so and those who are not reincarnate on another third dimensional planet.

Individuals who were born before the Harmonic Convergence in August, 1987 chose to incarnate knowing that the probable timeline for Earth at the close of the twentieth century would be marked by cataclysmic events and suffering. We knew that most of us would probably not survive into the next millennium. In 1987, when the Harmonic Convergence arrived, against all odds humanity had achieved a collective level of consciousness that enabled us to change Earth's probable timeline to allow both Earth and humanity to make a dimensional shift with "absolutely, positively, unquestionably no catastrophes" (my operational definition of such a catastrophe is an event that causes human death in the hundreds of millions or billions). I present higher dimensional support for this viewpoint by describing significant events that led to the timeline shift in 1987. I also relate significant events, identified by higher dimensional sources since the 1987 timeline shift, to scientific, social and political events. Many human and higher dimensional sources identify the winter solstice of 2012 as being a likely major milestone in the dimensional shift. While cautioning against expectations that a dramatic change will be experienced by everyone on a single date, I suggest that something interesting may happen around the year 2012.



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Chapter 8
Understanding The Shift (III): Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth

Dear Human Being, we cannot give you the future, for you are laying the track. (Kryon VIII, 2000:136)


As I began to piece together my own understanding of the Great Shift in human consciousness, I became increasingly awed and astonished by the perspective that many higher dimensional sources are offering concerning its nature and significance. Something amazing is happening on planet Earth, and individuated consciousnesses throughout the cosmos are focusing their attention on this blue orb in space and its inhabitants. As a geologist, when I became discouraged with the state of the world, I shifted gears to a billion-year cosmic perspective that saw what was happening on Earth as insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Consequently, it was a real stretch for me when I began encountering information from higher dimensional sources that suggested just the opposite is true: what is happening on Earth today has Cosmic significance and we humans are central to the process.
As I began to piece together my own understanding of the Great Shift in human consciousness, I became increasingly awed and astonished by the perspective that many higher dimensional sources are offering concerning its nature and significance. Something amazing is happening on planet Earth, and individuated consciousnesses throughout the cosmos are focusing their attention on this blue orb in space and its inhabitants. As a geologist, when I became discouraged with the state of the world, I shifted gears to a billion-year cosmic perspective that saw what was happening on Earth as insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Consequently, it was a real stretch for me when I began encountering information from higher dimensional sources that suggested just the opposite is true: what is happening on Earth today has Cosmic significance and we humans are central to the process.

--We humans are moving into our full power as co-creators in the cosmos and will eventually give the Supreme Creator a chance for a vacation.

-- Earth is a living library of life forms from all over the galaxy and we humans will serve as the librarians after the Shift is completed to allow extraterrestrial civilizations access to life forms that they need for their own planets.

-- The Great Shift will mark a new era, bringing an end to the interstellar wars between the forces of light and darkness, and establish permanent peace and unity in the galaxy. In this scenario Earth and this solar system will become the meeting place for the entire galaxy.

-- The level of consciousness that humanity attains on Earth during the closing days of this cycle will provide the blueprint for another Big Bang that will create a new universe.

-- Earth is the pivot point for a new creation and beyond.

The previous chapter describes the typical planetary dimensional shift as being marked by a three-day period of darkness with a relatively small percentage of the population making the Shift to the next dimension. As a result of the 1987 timeline shift, Earth's dimensional shift is happening differently and everyone on the planet today has the opportunity to stay on board as part of a cosmic "no soul left behind" program. This is being accomplished primarily through coexisting realities to maximize participation in the Shift. Thus there is an intimate intermingling of third, fourth, and fifth dimensional energies on Earth right now, as a way to give those who would not normally be ready to make the shift more time to gradually adjust to higher dimensional energies. The DNA of children born after 1987 is naturally attuned to fourth dimensional energies, but those born before require activation of higher dimensional strands of our DNA in order to make the Shift. As part of the Shift, more and more people are experiencing multidimensional realities. As the opening quote to this chapter says, we cannot know the future because we are creating it as we go. The energies around the Great Shift are moving so rapidly, some higher dimensional sources are becoming more cautious about saying anything about what they see in the future. As best I can piece together information from a variety of sources, it seems likely that we will see very positive things happening on Earth within the next ten years or so and that several hundred years may be required to complete the shift to fourth dimensional Earth. A number of higher dimensional sources indicate that we will move rapidly through the fourth dimension (at least from a cosmic perspective) to the fifth dimension.

At the time this book was finished (early 2007) it was still hard to see a lot of concrete evidence in third dimensional reality that the Shift is really happening. In part this can be explained by manipulation of the mainstream media to make things look worse than they really are, but a deeper reason is that it takes time for positive energetic shifts, evident from a higher dimensional perspective, to filter down into 3D physicality. A significant milepost in the dimensional shift will be reached when we are ready to accept, without fear, the open assistance of Beneficial Extraterrestrial Organizations as partners in cleaning up the mess we (and they) have made of this planet. We are ultimately responsible for doing this, but amazing things will be possible when the beneficial ETs are able to move freely among us. Other higher dimensional sources speak of a celebratory cosmic party that will happen when we collectively remember that we are all powerful spiritual Beings who have only been pretending to be limited humans. It is an amazing and wonderful time to be alive on planet Earth.

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