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Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas Shooting 1st October 2017.

Know of any cover ups you would like to share with our members?

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Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:53 pm

I am not one who jumps to conclusions and shouts conspiracy at random events, indeed the last time it happened was the 9/11 attack, but like that, there are a lot of aspects about this case that just don't add up.
I will try to present the facts as best I can, although some will be proven false in due time, and leave my thoughts in later discussion. Please add any details you think are relevant, or rule out some details if you have reasons.

Stephen Paddock - a 64 yr old relatively wealthy gambler fired a number of guns from his suite in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, and was found dead in his hotel room when police entered the room.
At the concert below, 58 people were killed and 546 injured.
A large number of guns and ammunition were found in the hotel room by police when they breeched the door.
Various personal recordings of the event are available on Youtube.

A security guard, Jesus Campos, who was at the Hotel was apparently the first to get shot in the leg as he discovered Mr Paddock, and raised the alarm, aided police and helped guests in adjacent rooms escape to safety.

Mr Paddock had installed cameras outside his suite - one of which was on a meal trolley and was apparently using them to keep en eye on the corridor.

He had a vehicle in a nearby car park that is said had other weapons inside, but I have not seen any evidence of this.

It is said that Mr Paddock shot himself in the mouth with a pistol before police arrived, and did not attempt to escape. There is a photograph showing him dead on the floor, with some dried blood around the mouth area and behind his head. It is said by police the pistol was 2 feet away (and not in the photo).

Daily Telegraph sources say Mr Paddock sent his girlfriend away days before the shooting and arrived in the Philippines on September 25th. ... 0000-wire/
It is said she was not aware of the guns, so it seems they did not arrive when Mr Paddock originally booked in, and she was around.
Indeed a valet who checked in Mr Paddocks bags to the hotel said he "Did not have that much"

Things conspiracies are made of...

Maybe one of the first things that was unusual about this event was the lack of evidence - from anywhere! There was only one old photograph of Mr Paddock circulated - with is eyes closed, and later one photograph of his room with lots of weapons around. Later one of him dead, and one of the outside of the room - and that is it from official sources. - 4 still photographs of one of the largest shootings in America.
Police have even started an investigation as to how these photographs were 'leaked' to the press - so it is clear they are not happy that we even saw these.

Witnesses disappearing;
This is perhaps the most disturbing.
Mr Campos - who is a key witness was talked to for 4 days by police in preparation to give a press interview with several large news stations - suddenly disappeared from the building and has not been seen since.
The Valet at the hotel who checked in his bags - has also disappeared.

6 witnesses to the shooting (who were not injured) - some who went on social media stating that there was more than one gunman and were getting organised to take this further - have since died.

Youtube evidence of a taxi driver gives clear audio of most of the event, and when this has been analysed (by individuals-not law enforcement) finds shots fired from more than one location. There appears to be muzzle flash recorded in that clip if the wing mirror from a lower location.

A helicopter is heard in most audio recordings at the concert, and seen in at least two. Armed men were seen in this helicopter when it landed, and Radar reports show that it "went dark" on radar for some of it's flight. It is not reported that this was a police helicopter and is currently unexplained.

In one article it is mentioned that a door to a staircase was blocked by Mr Paddock by a steel bar. All lifts remained operational.

Police timeline as to their whereabouts keeps changing. If this was a court of law it would seem suspicious for a witness to change their story half way into an investigation - but seems ok for the police to do it.

There is dispute as to whether an officer discharged his firearm upon entering the room. This should be easy to determine by the police themselves, but seemed difficult for them to say this.

The FBI ordered all persons at the event who may have some evidence on phones or laptops to hand them in to help with the case. This includes a direct order to organisers of the event and their devices. These have been returned - with all evidence removed and wiped from the devices. Naturally people are concerned over this destroying of important evidence.
Fortunately there is evidence from people who left the area before FBI involvement.

There have been no CCTV images released officially of Mr Paddock before the event, or from anywhere near there. This is completely different to every other event where there is usually several good videos of the perpetrator on the news within minutes of an event. This is even more unusual because it is Las Vegas - where casinos have more cameras in them than your usual shop.

Dis-interest from police to investigate other leads.
Some local businesses who do have CCTV evidence of the night have not been asked for it, nor have police been asking for any.

Two windows were broken on floor 32 and is was shown by the press that they were from the same room - but this is not the case. They are from two separate rooms.
A video posted online by a guest who stayed in the same room about a year before show it does not connect with the adjacent room.

Mr Paddock booked 2 rooms at the mandalay, and also 2 rooms about a month before at another hotel overlooking a similar rock venue - but did not turn up to that one.
No explanation as to why the two rooms were needed on both occasions.

There was a large number of injured - many stating they had been shot 3 times in the chest - and surviving. This led to an initial belief it was all a staged hoax.

The media is concentrating on the automatic weapon(s) used, and large capacity magazines - something that has been a hot topic in the past, but considering the Police took 10 minutes to find the room - virtually any weapon would have produced the same results.
Also the huge number of highly modified weapons in the room - 23 and one pistol; -"overkill" by any standards.
Mr Paddock had been buying guns for less than a year, and was not seen at local ranges or fun shoots, yet seemed to be an instant expert. One rifle he purchased on route to Nevada has never been recovered and is missing.

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Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:42 pm

I don't believe he was just a "Random nutter with a gun" because so much of it was premeditated, and if he was genuinely delusional he would be happy with one gun and walk the streets with it.

Was he religious? - No.

The most basic of crime solving depends on - Means - Method - Motive.
The means is astonishing in it's own right. His brother said he was never that interested in guns - so this was a sudden interest? Not only that but knew about modifications needed to make them like a machine gun?
Most gun owners like to practice - he was never seen to practice. Never at ranges or locally in the community.
He was not a gun-nut. These seem like they were bought with one reason only.

Mr Paddock booked into the Lollapalooza just over a month before this, and also booked 2 rooms overlooking the music festival there. He never arrived at that one, but is interesting because he had the weapons, the rooms, the festival was huge - so why did he not shoot at that one instead? The only explanation I can see is that something was not right. Everything was right from his perspective - he had everything needed - so what was not right?
What was that other room for?

Method was well planned - shoot out of the window at the crowd. He made notes about angle of drop on paper, calculating trajectory using a laptop he had. ( a laptop that was reported by police to be missing it's hard drive). He had planned his escape - down a close stairwell to a rooftop then across that to the car park where he had his car. He had fitted a bar on the stairwell door and had more than enough time to achieve this after he was discovered by the security guard - yet seemed to shoot himself instead when there was no threat.

Motive -
THIS is the problem. Police are not looking for a motive?
I think the biggest motive for this was money.
A few days before the shooting his girlfriend was bought a ticket to the Philippines, and then electronically transferred $100,000. to a bank there.
If this was something that he was paid for - he would want some money up front, then more later.
The Police chief stated that "He was taking medication for depression, was smelling of alcohol in the morning, and was losing heavily prior to the event"
This does not make sense to transfer such a large sum to a girlfriend if he was in such dire straits finacially. By all other accounts (other than the police interviews) he was doing rather well.- perhaps too well for a random gambler.

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Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:17 am

The police chief in the interview seems to be saying everything that would discredit Mr Paddock the week or days before it - but not saying that he was obviously sober when buying and modifying the guns.

He even told off one interviewer for "not sticking to the script" of what he would answer questions on, and made arm movements to remove that person.

Something that does not seem discussed yet is the wounds of the victims. Some of those that survived stated they had been hit 3 times. To survive 3 shots to the chest and survive is something of a miracle, leaving some to speculate it was all a hoax - so what happened?
What I think is that the high velocity rounds are designed to fragment on impact - and may exit the first person as 3 or so fragments to injure a person behind them but with anon-lethal velocity.
This will only happen if - the target is close enough for the velocity of the round to be able to do this, and 2- that the rounds used are modern and designed to do this.
At the extreme range in the shooting it is unlikely the rounds had enough velocity to do this, and most ammunition sold is solid and not designed to fragment.
I remember within the last two years the United States police had secured a contract for millions of rounds that are designed to do this.
There is always room for this to be a "Real life demonstration" of new rounds that are designed to shatter on impact -

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Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:50 am

A helicopter is heard in most audio recordings at the concert, and seen in at least two. Armed men were seen in this helicopter when it landed, and Radar reports show that it "went dark" on radar for some of it's flight. It is not reported that this was a police helicopter and is currently unexplained.
Hi Rowan

Glad to see a new thread in this section

I just read through and a few interesting points there, none which surprise me but when you think about it... it is really odd. Why would they call for everyone to hand in the phones with footage , wipe them all & return them. You would understand an appeal for public support to analyze it all but it looks like there must be something known that is being held back.

What have the police said about this helicopter if anything?
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:09 pm

The more you dig, the more you find, but there is a danger that you will make 2+2=5 as not all things online are true.

There were several news reports that cameras were found in Paddocks room, and at the time there was a link to a Mr John Beilman - which the FBI investigated.
Mr Bielman was found dead from a gunshot wound the next day, and had also apparently shot his daughter in a murder suicide pact - but not his wife - who heard nothing of the two shots outside their home at 5am.
His daughter was disabled and in a wheelchair, but he apparently got her awake at 5am, into her wheelchair and took her outside and shot her with a shotgun, then shot himself - in the back of the head with it.
He had left a note for his wife stating the facts but no motive, but she heard nothing. ... -fbi-raid/

I find it unusual that the FBI would obtain a search warrant to search this mans home if he was not involved in some way, and also unusual that his wife heard nothing at all, but perhaps the most perplexing is how he managed to commit suicide with a shotgun placed in the back of his head. I don't know if anyone else has managed to achieve this feat.

In most murder suicides - all the family is killed and lastly the person doing it, but I do not know of many where the wife sleeps through the whole thing.

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:57 am

More news trickling out that so far, the FBI has not seen any evidence of weapons being transported into hotel rooms by Paddock?

Is the hotel actually obstructing an FBI investigation, or is it just a case of "Nothing to see here" and finger pointing by the FBI? ... 8/Y/M.html

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Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:24 am

Nothing would suprise me. I think there is a shadow organization that is pulling the strings behind the scenes and they are trying to keep us all slaves to their system.

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