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Creepy metallic screeching?

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Okay, so a few months ago my fiancee was sitting downstairs by himself playing Mario, it was like 3am and everyone was in bed, and all of a sudden he heard this creepy loud metallic screeching in his ear really loud (That was the best he could describe it to me), three times within the course of 5-10 minutes, saying ''run''. He said he had heard a similar noise only one other time when he was a kid and it woke him out of his sleep, although that time it was just noise and no actual words. I'm wondering if anybody else has any idea what that could be about, or if anybody else has had a similar experience? I've been trying to research it but haven't been able to find anything at all.

Also, not sure if this is related or just a coincidence or nothing at all, but a few weeks ago he was playing another video game, and he tried talking to some merchant character and she ran away when he tried to talk to her. I tried to look that up too because he was aggravated and I wanted to see if I could find him any advice but wasn't able to find anything about anybody else having problems with her running away. and it popped in my head that maybe its related to those noises he heard telling him to run a few months back. You never know! lol.

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Not heard of this. But its possible and perhaps a good call to do some home / space clearing.
working with the Angels, particularly Archangel Raphael perhaps whom you can call forward
with positive intention to ask him to help you clear and declutter your space free from any
energy that should not be in your space in this importune time and free from any fearful, stress,
tense, doubtful, worrying, vibrations that are keeping you awake at night. You can also ask archangels
to fill your space with love that fills up the space of vacated old vibrations that have moved home to peacefulness so as to ensure your peace of mind is at ease.

Another good idea to clear is to in the summertime, open all doors and windows and allow the natural
windy air flow through your space for about ten to fifteen minutes should do the trick, ask for this air
to flow through your home dwelling and clear away any energy that's no longer needed or which does not
serve purpose at this point in time. You can ask for doubt, worry, anxiety, this metallic screechy noise if it
belongs to a energy that should not be there at the moment, ask for AA Michael and Raphael to help
escort this noise out from your building and home, by visualizing a doorway of light.

Then you can also go back into your home, and seal all doors and windows with love.
For this visualize pink light or universal white light from the heavenly source :)

Hope that helps :)
Smile :D ~ 'Cause YOU are worth it!

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