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New member with a question for phsycics.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:43 am
by venom690
Hello, my name is Roberto i am 39 and I live in Miami Florida.

I have always been close to the paranormal with many encounters, ghost/paranormal encounters since I was a kid,one of the abilities I have (or so I think please help me) is the ability to sense vibrations or communicate remotely or know when someone is thinking about me and such, I have confirmed this by calling people to confirm or guessing people's thoughts before they even express them.

I have also been good at sensing negative energies in areas, for example I recently went to a deering state tour ( an old known haunted property) and I seemed to be able to sense energies on different rooms, a room where I felt a strong vibration later turned out active when I was speaking to the tour guide about that room and a tour visitor approached me and told me she felt a hand touch her in that same room during the tour.

I have also broken in tears inexplicably, after a huge sadness fell upon me like a courtain, I was otherwise calm and happy, but I could feel a heavy presence full of sadness , I could not hold back my tears, later my girlfriend at the time experienced the same thing a week after.

Most recently, I went to the graveyard were my wife's mom is buried, I was not thinking much of anything I was just happy to go with my wife to visit her mom's tomb in mother's day and I was the passenger of in the car and was given the flowers to take to her grave, the grave is close to the road, I got off the car not thinking much about anything and as soon as I put my feet on the grass I felt a huge vibration surge, I can only explain it as if I had stepped on a electrified pool, the feeling was as if anxiety suddenly surged through my body i nearly fainted , I was breeding hard and my pulse quickened, my left eye lid started twitching uncontrollably , my wife noticed and a bit annoyed decided to shorten her visit, the feeling did not leave me until we were well away from the graveyard.

On another time on a concert I could feel the energy built up in the auditorium, so i decided to mentally manage the energy and bring some of it into me, and then I expelled it, not thinking much of it.. I was holding my wifes hand during this whole thing, shortly after we left my wife started to feel ill, she got a huge headache and felt dizzy, (she was feeling just fine before) I kind of confessed what I was doing and she got mad at me and called me "brujo"(spanish for witch) I offered to drive and she accepted (strange since she usually does not let me drive her car lol) I told her it would go away and it did the next day she was fine.

I had more examples but I have included to more significant, is there a name to what I have and abilities may I posses? my mother was a witch as well and delved with magic , she also did several things that I witnessed personally as a kid.

thanks for any medium, psychic that read this and any tips that can better help understand and control these "abilites" is appreciated.


Re: New member with a question for phsycics.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:48 am
by LoriellaRose
That sounds like you were not very well shielded and could sense the well of emotional energy that are about within the world. Take a look at empathy, grounding, shielding your own energy in higher light & guiding energy. Also have a look at centering your own energy.

Re: New member with a question for phsycics.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:58 am
by venom690
hi and thank you for your quick answer, after reading my post i realize my post is all over the place and hard to read.

the cemetery part occurred recently and it is what caused me to seek help, I seem to picking up energy lately and that experience left me pretty shaken up , it is occurring more lately and most of these "abilities" are inherited and not developed, I would like to learn a bit more how to control these things so they do not affect me and also use them for good if anything, for example able to sense them but not for them to knock me on my back.

yesterday I went to St Augustine on a a pleasure trip , we went into an antiques store , again , not thinking much about it until i went inside and I could feel the room charged up with energy , not all positive ...lot's of pain and suffering , anxiety.. had to leave the store, I seem to be developing more sensitivity to these things and I am afraid that without knowledge it may over whelm me , thank you for your help.

Re: New member with a question for phsycics.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:01 am
by LoriellaRose
its okay, sometimes its helps being in the know, if the feeling gets too much again ask for it to be lifted so that you know when it goes its not your own feeling. if the feeling stays its your own feeling. If it gets too much surround the feeling in love & ask AA Raphael (healing angel) to help you heal the fearful and old emotion / anxiousness so that you don't need to feel it anymore.