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Indigo child /adult

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Afternoon I'm wondering is there any indigo adults out there ? . My father used to say I was an indigo child as I could pick up thing's easily tell if someone was lying etc . I now realise I am an indigo adult . From seeing my best friend sprit in my house to other unexplained things . If there is anyone like me please message me

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Indigo, I'm sorry to say, is just a term. It is given to those with sight or other senses open to the beyond--like others before them. Only difference being that the world has turned to ignoring that side of life, the paranormal, more natural side, and slapped it with labels. Subtle way to rally craziness. Also for those labeled ADHD to reassert their normalcy due to their senses and not what others said was wrong. (is a mess, what they do)

Am not against the term itself, as I am the overuse of terms in general (see Jargon post for semi-rant). You are a natural being, Kerri, and I am grateful to see you post. Am just in odd sorts at the moment. But wanted to let you know you are not alone and welcome.

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I was told I was a Indigo Child -- A Native Elder also called me a Butterfly Child. I have always to sensitive to my surroundings, as I got older I started learning more about it but I still have many questions.

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welcome to a world of extraordinary possibilities

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