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Hello guys, today I have been having these weird things happening to me. It just started this afternoon, it is now 3:30 AM. So when I got home at about 3:50 PM my cross that i kept on a table was split in half. Now im not religious, i simply keep a cross for good luck. But anyway it was cut in half very precisely. Nothing else was touched and there was no sign of robbery or such thing.

A few hours ago i was playing a video game on my PC and i had this feeling that someone was watching me, i turned around and nobody was there though. A few minutes later i heard what sounded like footsteps coming from inside my bedroom. Sounding like they just were pacing forward and backwards. I look inside my room... Once again, nobody there. I am currently up at 3:30 AM because im too scared to sleep. I just need urgent help please what do i do!

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It sounds like someone was trying to tell you you don't need the cross anymore, not even for good luck. Crosses makes me think of praying and the vibrations side of it with that.

But I would ask you to ask them to step back and come back when you are ready to connect. Or if you don't want that to happen to ask them to come through someone who is able to connect and find out who it is for you. Fear is a natural feeling to feel in the beginning, but there is no reason to be afraid. The watching feeling makes me think it might be a guide in spirit, because if its a studying/watching/curious feeling its them letting you know they are there.

Alternatively, have a look at smudging and clearing your space energetically and grounding and protection too, that will ensure your being & your energy fields are kept safe and you feel safe within your own personal space and home/as well as yourself.

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I know but i have this feeling like im SO SCARED, im still up and when i went into my bedroom a horrible smell of death smelt like it was there i cant sleep. The smell is gone now though.

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