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Phantom gun shots

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So in the 23 years we've lived in our home, we have continued to hear phantom gun shots. I'm positive I am not experiencing episodic cranial sensory shock (aka, exploding head syndrome, which I have experienced and it's much different) and many others who've stayed in our home have heard it as well. More often that not it's heard between 3 and 5 am. This morning it was heard at 2:41 am. I looked at the time when I heard the sound (im remodeling my second story of the home and was cleaning things up at that point.) Never could I place the distinct sound of the gun shot until recently. It sounds very much like a muzzleloader. (Having heard one for the first time last fall. Some times it sounds like it's being shot from acres away and other times it sounds like it's within 100 feet of the house, or less! There have been times we have been so certain of what we've heard, that we've grabbed phones (cordless phones prior to cell phones) turned out all the lights and contemplated calling the police. I can't say it's a crazy neighbor as all of our rural neighbors have changes at least once in the 23 years I've owned this house. I so wish I could find out more in my property, but when I've tried I hit dead ends on anything prior to 1864, which is the year a centennial plaque was issued to the house.

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im pretty sure ts in ur mid or someone is shooting someone in the hood LOL

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