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Re: A close encounter with the truth:

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:32 am

Light kills:

Human bodies are exposed to light, so one gets sick and dies.

The human entity, or the perfected soul, can live forever, so this entity uses human beings who die in contact with light and are revealed by various diseases.

The body is only a matter of consumables for antimatter beings.
Such a creature is me and I write all this to you in the forum.

A person lives consciously when awake, but when he falls asleep he is disconnected from consciousness.
My consciousness, however, awakens in my sleep and reveals a passage or door that goes into paranormal perception.

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Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:45 am

Demon-shaped category:

The appearance of a ghost in the form of a walking man with a dog's head belongs to a series of entities which, not at will, were given the antimatter soul form of a dead dog.
This phenomenon occurs because the dog's souls are over-accustomed to their owner.
When a dog dies, his soul usually fuses with the human entity when he goes to astral output in his sleep.
However, after the death of a person, his soul has a part of the dog's antimatter, and that person cannot reincarnate and therefore frightens in the surroundings where people are usually nearby.

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Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:28 pm

An indestructible form of intelligent being:

Where new light is activated in the universe, the antimatter changes into matter, thereby initiating the formation or formation of new physical beings. As soon as a creature is born, it instantly dies with aging.
There is a great universe in which there is no light, and even there in darkness there is eternal life in an unknown form to us.
But this unknown form is very similar to our paranormal form, which you do not know yet.

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Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:02 am

Morgellon disease: 1

For half a century I have been practicing the management of "nano robots, or nano technology" that I use to heal my physical body.
When I walk out of the body I am in a paranormal form as a ghost. When I wait in ambush for other entity forms present, I regularly clean excess "nano fibers" from my structure, mostly from the oral cavity.

People anywhere in the world who have "morgellon disease" have had some kind of contact with a spirit that has only gone through their body and left a trace in them that automatically excretes through the skin to protect the physical body.
Without a basic connection of the whole, these fibers cannot develop and survive.
These fibers connect the entity soul to the physical body so that it can continue as a natural person.

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Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:01 pm

Sleep paralysis: 2

Let me explain a little. Sleep is a kind of controlled paralysis.
in this state the body can move and turn, and the bodily functions function independently.

When you dream of being in your room or space and seeing yourself lying down, you are in a paranormal dimension.
The awareness that you see yourself means that you, as your own entity, are out of your body.
In this case, you are almost never alone. Other entity forms are always present; however, your body cannot move until you return to the body.
(how will you behave in the event of meeting other entities, I will write in the following posts)
If you wake up in bed and cannot move, then you have woken up before entering or returning your entity to your body and can see it as well. It is a condition and is called awakening paralysis.
(You achieve this with a mental impulse when you are still in Paranormal form. Even when you are out of your body you can control your body with thoughts.)

You can always control your sleep before you go to sleep. When you understand what is going on during sleep, you are always the one who determines what will happen.

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Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:00 pm

When you see the spirit: 1

The spirit you see is in another dimension where it can move into the past and the future.
At present, the spirit is temporally in your past present or your other that goes into the past.
They see each other because of the friction between the dimensions.
This spirit does not see you as a physical body. sees you as a ghost.
You can talk to him by telepathy, not by voice.

The spirit can move in both dimensions.
The physical body, however, is only when it sleeps or when consciousness emerges from the body.

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Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:09 pm

Image ... menzij.jpg

A - The fifth dimension rotates in the opposite direction of the clock.

B - The third dimension is constantly stationary.

1 - Beginning of birth.

2 - The onset of consciousness - the transition to physical perception of the third dimension.

2-3-4 - Past life.

5- Death of the physical body - death. (age 85)

5-6 Transition of the Soul to the Fifth Dimension.

1- 1-2 1-3 Your constant birth time moves along with the fifth dimension into the future.

1-3 Your birth marker moved 85 years to the future.

8- Your rebirth area is within reach.
The expired time is about 170 years.

9- This is an opportunity for your re-life, you can reincarnate into your physical body.

1- The future consciousness moves from the fifth to the third dimension. No 2

No 2 is a baby.

No 3 is the middle age of life

No. 4 life in old age

No 5 is death

6-7-8 is the period in the fifth dimension and the search for its "niche" or its constant phenomenon; all these numbers and colors are for one life; the same colors are for different stages of one body from birth to death after 85 years of age.

Because of the rotation of the fifth dimension, events do not repeat or return to their starting point.

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Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:43 am

Direct from 5.d: " Corona virus "

The corone virus is inevitable. People don't take this seriously.
When in contact with infected people, put a pinch of baking soda on your tongue and you will surely kill the bacteria.
Brushing your teeth with baking soda in the morning and evening is also good.
When you experience various disorders, drink it mixed with water.

" sodium hydrogen carbonate "

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Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:30 pm

One possible theory: the death virus

The virus is artificially installed to remove an old population of people around the world.
With their program, pharmacy and healthcare artificially extend people's lives, but as they age, they are unnecessary.
It is very likely that China has infected this virus because of the general thinning of its population, but this has escaped control.

However, as for my statement about the virus and treatment with baking soda, it is 99.5% successful
A person has a cough reflex and has to cough as much as possible, even when he is feeling very healthy.
The theory that a coughing person is not healthy (false theory)
A person with a cough cleanses the lungs of the foreign body and thus keeps the lungs in good condition.
But whoever does not cough, it dissolves by breathing dirt that goes into the circulation of blood and through the bloodstream to all vital organs.
Final diagnosis of obstructed vein, semi-functioning organs i.t.d. , and here comes a pharmacy that does a wonderful job.

"Whoever coughs has a long life"

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Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:13 am

My wish is to keep the virus to a minimum.
So I write my personal methods that are not harmful to any creature.
Throughout the history of healing, man has not yet been treated with methods such as
1. treatment with special vibrations
2. gravity treatment ... tacija.png

A. lying down of the patient?
B. lying patient down (put patient in gravity cleansing position for 5-10 minutes every hour - patient should have a clear cough path)

Gravity treatment is not meditative,
This treatment releases the mucus from the lungs to drain naturally.
All she has to do is cough.
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