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Many encounters

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Wed May 22, 2019 2:06 pm

When I was 12 yrs old I lived in a old farm house. My father was not a nice man I will say. I always knew there was a ghost there. It started out small cold spots whispers. When I would leave my doll out and it would be in my closet,and or closet door would be closed. And no it was not my mom doing it. One day my father got into one of his moods I ran to my bedroom sat against the door because there was no locks on it. I pulled my phone cord called a friend. He drove over got a ladder out it up to my window.he was trying to get in. All of a sudden we both heard a voice say run!. He was like what was that? Heard it again I slid up the door and ran for the window. My father couldn't get in when I got on the ladder the door opened. The look on his face was like shocked. Later that day telling my friend and we walked to the library. The lady at the desk said sorry not trying to listen in but I use to live there. She said my sister was born in the front room died in the front room. Told her that's my room. She said that was my sister protecting you. She then said our father killed her. My heart sunk. My mom father divorced months later she got remarried when I was 15. We had to move to California i moved back at 17 to Chicago I wanted to go to the old house. I walked to it found new family there. I explained who I was I use to live there. She let me in, stood in the dining room looked to my left said thank you for saving me I missed you. The women looked shocked she said there is a ghost here. Said yes.she informed me her BF was violent and when he did something hit him we couldn't see and I threw him out never had a problem again. I explained what happened to me and here. Yrs later found out the old farmhouse was torn down, to this day I still think about her hope she is finally at peace. That was the only good experience I had the rest have been Negative I will do them another day. Been dealing with paranormal for 35 yrs since I was 12 now gonna be 47.

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