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Strange Event During the Night

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I almost don't know how to word this except just say what my sister told me about. She and her daughter (my niece) have become estranged over my nieces lifestyle. My sister has done everything to rectify the situation to have her daughter back in her life but to no avail. My niece has blocked all methods of communication and won't return calls which is tearing my sister and brother-n-law apart. My nieces 40th birthday was May 31st and what my sister told me happened was so strange. At exactly 5:00 AM (the exact time my niece was born) a loud bang occurred in my sisters bedroom which woke her up. She said she saw my niece standing at the foot of her bed looking like she did the day she graduated high school and when she jumped out of bed to go to her, she vanished. My brother-n-law who was asleep in another room heard the bang and my sister ran into him to tell him what had happened. They both looked and found nothing on the floor which would have fallen to cause the "bang". She said he was really pale. He said that she had appeared to him at 3:00 AM and was sitting in my sisters recliner in the same room with him and then vanished. We have tried messaging her (of course with Happy Birthday wishes) but no response and the message still shows unread. We have messaged her partner with no reply. I have always heard this type of vision is not normally good news and that something has happened to the person seen in the vision. I am a Christian and know that most don't believe in this type of thing but I am a firm believer that there are things out there that are "unexplained". I was just hoping for some insight and thoughts. My sister is really torn up over this and has literally cried her eyes out wanting to see or hear from her daughter.

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