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Strange Nightmare and Shadow Choking Me in My Sleep

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Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:37 pm

I remember last year when my Mum was admitted in the hospital and I was all alone in our rented room in a ladies hostel, I had gone through a very scary experience with a woman ghost. I had gotten back to our rented room late that day. It was around 12am when I got back home that night. That day I had stayed at the hospital from 12pm and only left the hospital at 12am. Since I had stayed at the hospital for almost the whole day, I took a short and quick shower then only did I head off to bed. I dreamt a really strange nightmare that night. There were cabins in a forest. I was outside a cabin with a plate on the door. On the plate, the numbers 444 were engraved into it. I was sitting on a wooden char outside of the cabin. Suddenly, the face of an old lady ghost popped in front of my face. The scene shifted. There was a couple making out in a closet. The face of the old woman ghost popped in front of my face again. The scene shifted yet again and there was a little girl standing with her head held low and her long hair covering her face. She was holding a red balloon. The face of the old lady ghost popped in front of me face again. The scene shifted again. I was inside of the cabin this time. I was holding big knife. I was kneeling inn the middle of the room. The bloody dead bodies of my friends were surrounding me. The knife in my hand was bloody. My long sleeved school sports uniform was bloody as well including my dark blue tracksuit pants. I was crying because I had murdered my friends for reasons that I myself didn't understand nor know of. I then raised the knife to my chest and stabbed myself 4 times. I opened my eyes in shock. I was sweating badly and very terrified. When my eyes weren't too blurry, I was greeted with a woman who was all black as though she were only a shadow. She had long messy hair which covered her face and she was wearing a long white gown. I began gasping as she was choking me. I started reading lines from the Al-Quran since I am a Muslim. I kept repeating the verses and lines that I knew inn my head and began praying in my head for the ghost to let go of me and stop choking me. She screamed a shrill scream then flew out my room's ope window. I started breathing heavily, my chest heaving. I scrambled over to the windows and shut them close. I pulled the curtains over the window as well. The elders back in the old days always used to say "Close your windows and doors then lock them before Maghrib." Maghrib is the prayers we Muslims pray during sun set. After that I couldn't even sleep a wink. This is a true thing that had happened to me. Please tell me whether any of you understand the meaning of my nightmares. I really want to know...

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