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The strange occurrences in my life!

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Curious Nicole 42
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Hello all,

So happy I found this site after growing weary and super tired of unanswered questions. My question is what I have been going through in my life a psychic ability?

I have gone through my life trying to explain to people what events happen to me but no one can give me a answer. My mother said when I was younger I would describe my grandfather that I have not met that had passed away I was playing with him in my room. De ja vu plagued my childhood of time constantly repeating itself, I always told my mother we did this before all the time. As I got to my twenties whatever this thing that I could not describe that was happening got stronger beyond my control, the voices were louder, could not trust people around because I was able to see if they were doing bad things that would harm me in some way in a dream all of the dreams were coming true I had no control over this and I prayed for it to go away.

When I moved into this haunted apartment things only got worse. The apartment was demonic, doors slamming, electric devices haywire, my items disappearing and reappearing it was torture for my family, my children witnessed this activity for ten years until the last blow this spirit did scared me out of that apartment no where to go but that was my final breaking point dealing with spirits in this apartment we left within the month.

I have recently been poked or grabbed by my shirt in the back, I thought it was my deceased cousin that had recently passed. I was scared for a minute because I was alone at the time. I can go on this is only a little bit of this activity in my life. I can now control things a bit better, and practice the abilities to check if they are real. Any help would relieve me just to give this a name or what this was in my past apartment. However, even though the house I live in is not haunted spirits are still passing through there to let me know they are there at night the smell is horrendous and horrid wakes me out of my sleep. Hope it makes sense.

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