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The Trickster

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Hello Dear Readers,

I have made a previous post about my prophetic dreams and visions of injuries and deaths. This post is going to get into a specific aspect of my most unsettling dream. I had this dream twice, it's where I met my spirit guide and also the entity that I now refer to as The Trickster.

At the time my Dad was hospitalized. I napped on those cozy hospital chairs in ICU next to my unconscious father three weeks. You can probably imagine my mental and physical state. During this time I had a reoccurring dream. In the dream, my family was gathered together in a enormous room. I watched them with a dog at my side. It wasn't until the dog started growling in the direction of a staircase leading down that I would notice a tall man, with a cane and top hat walking down those stairs. The dog was growling at him and he was walking away from my family, obviously this man was trouble.

The second time I had the dream, the dog growled and showed me where the man was. As The Trickster was walking down the stairs I came up behind him and knocked his hat off. He spun around and looked at me as if surprised that I could see him. I told him to leave me and my family alone. He picked up his hat and ran away. That was the last time I dreamed of him.

The only person I told this dream about was my Mom, who knows that I can sense things. This was when I first gave him the name of The Joker. Three weeks later however, we buried my father. On April 1st.

I spent months sifting through google searches of The Joker, Heath Ledger, and irrelevant Batman forums. I studied on the meaning and origin of the Hanged Man from the Tarot deck, the joker from regular playing cards, anything I could think of. Nothing seemed to fit until I found this.

I'm curious to know what you think. Was this a visit from the entity of The Trickster? Does anyone have any experiences with him? Is he good, is he bad? Did I make an enemy when I knocked his hat off? Or was it my subconscious trying to tell me the date of my fathers death? Was it all in my head?

Thanks for reading,

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Let's set some common ground... Consolations to you, your family, and any situation that may be less desirable. Everything I may say in regard to this sensitive event is regarding my intuition and common experience. Let's begin:

You are giving me a lot of insight. You seem to do a lot of research into the occult and like to watch movies. In this dream -- or at least in the manner that you are describing it -- you do not seem out of control or in peril.

This dog figure represents a part of you that is looking for a reason. The dog turns your blame or concern to a Trickster archetype that is represented by an amalgamation of cultural items that you understand and interpret.

This "Trickster" is leaving the situation and not directly threatening you. When you confront it, it runs and hides from you.

If anything, it seems that you are looking for a reason extraneous to health in regard to your father's predicament. You obviously love your father and don't want to blame him for any health decisions that he may or may not have been responsible for. This "Trickster" seems to be a subconscious scapegoat.

I don't claim any "truth" to what I think or feel. Consider it information for contemplation.

Love and light to you and your family.

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