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Fear of raised expectations?

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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I saw the American show “Kindred Spirits” recently where the non-psychic hosts use gadgets to communicate with spirits. On A few episodes , they call in their psychic friend who does amazing things by seeing and communicating directly. As a non-psychic I wonder -
1. Why don’t they use her more - will it take away from their own gadgets and fame?
2. Does she not want the attention?
3. Is she scared to raise people’s expectations?

As psychics, do you feel pressure to help solve mysteries and do people have too high expectations?

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1. I'm sure the cost of her assistance and constant use would require a contract and funds to be paid out along with subtracting from their own recognition.

2.Most psychics are self conscious about being put out in front of the entire world, judgment, persecution, constant tests from outsiders and friends and family etc. Energy vibrations can be hindered by negative beliefs and emotions and required a calm and in tune higher self so being out in the midst of the public would almost definitely ruin her attempts at providing proof unless she was some form of zen master. True intuitive guidance and knowledge requires seclusion and a disconnect of worldly imperfection.

3. Raising expectations can easily spell failure for many so probably so, grandiose emotions and the need to discredit along with all other human emotion and whom you surround yourself with like I said earlier can hinder any attempts, an inner calm and accepting public is needed, people expect lightning shooting from your fingertips and calling upon floods and disease on command and this is impossible without direct divine intervention. people just aren't prepared mentally to accept the possibility of subtle energy vibrations, intuitive guidance from a higher consciousness and several planes of density that provide infinite knowledge when the conditions are met.

People require definite proof that cant be logically explained but they don't understand all things have a negative positive and neutral way of truth, everything is symbolic and flowing with energies as we are all extensions of a divine consciousness and are all one in essence. All scientifically provable facts have a hidden truth to them as to a symbolic nature and its all a matter of faith and what you as an individual believe, its the test of life, the truths of man or the truths of the divine, there is no definite irrefutable proof and if there was people would just deny it as they do with all things outside the perception of human imperfection. Believe things are not what they seem and have hidden meaning and instead of discrediting divine truth choose to discredit logically proven facts as this is the human perception at work. Accept everything but always question it for yourself. Love and Light

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