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found my drawer half opened

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Hi guys,

This is something that happened last night, while i was sleeping. When i woke up this morning the dawer from my nightstand was half opened and the bottle of water that was next to it was on the ground, but fallen not standing as it left it. I haven't heard a thing around me.
Can anyone please help me understand what just happened? In that dawer there is something of a high sentimental value to me that belonged to someone that i loved very much and passed away about 2 and a half years ago.

Also like few years back, i had in another dawer different location i had a termo galss bowl, that all of a sudden broke inside the dawer without being toched in thousand of pieces. Never could explained how it happened as i was a meter away from the drawer.

Please help me out to understand these things.


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Hi Meme. It's hard to say. What I would do first is rule out non-paranormal causes. Is the drawer loose? Could someone else in the house have opened it while you were asleep?

I'm hesitant to advise you to try to reach out to any potential spirit that could have caused it, as it's something you should be cautious about. But I personally would ask if there were spirits around (something like "if there are any spirits around, knock twice on the wall"). If I got a knock, I'd ask if they opened my drawer. If yes I would simply ask them not to do that anymore.

Have you had paranormal experiences in the past?
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Hi ColeWayne,

I checked with my husband and wasn't him. Is not a very easy drawer to open, i have tried myself is not loose. No one else could have opened it, unless i am sleepwaking which will be a complete knews to me. What i realised is that inside teh drawer there are some earings that belonged to someone that i loved so much and passed away like 2 years a half ago. Also there is a candle that was lightened at the moment when she died. I had experienced things in the past, very strong intuitive things. I call them intuitive as i don't know how else to call them. Haven't seen or talked to any spirit so far. If there is anyone there, i would for sure want to know. There were few ocasions when let's say i was alone and felt that i was watched.
Thanks so much for your time.

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