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Another note from me

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Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:33 am

If you happen to have a vision where you are in a forest, and you see a Silver wolf with blue tinting to her fur, with her back facing towards you please do not be alarmed, that is me. It means that I am wanting to visit with you in a way that I can communicate with you. In my astral form (as mentioned in a previous post) I cannot communicate with anyone, but if you find yourself in a forest with the silver wolf then I want to show you something or tell you something or share something with you. Wether it be a dream, a memory of yours, a vision, whatever it may be, you will know its your time to find something out. I do not intentionally do this, and I don't specifically choose when it happens, although, I can have it where I can let you know ahead of time (usually a hour or so before) and explain how the process goes, (usually you will fall asleep and about 30 minutes later you will wake up in a forest, but still be asleep physically here.) I don't normally know ahead of time what all I will show someone, or tell them, etc. it just happens as it happens. But what I do ask, is that if it is your time for a visit, don't approach me, instead, take a seat on the ground, quietly, and wait for me to tell you to approach, do not say anything, don't move unless I say you can, and please, don't try to walk ahead of me as I may be trying to tell you something. When I am in this form, if your language is not English as first language, I know many languages and can speak to you in your language easily. See you soon.

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