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Vivid dreams....a little boy....

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Hello everyone.

I have very vivid dreams/nightmares every night.
My parents called them "night terrors" as a child, I slept walked and was also diagnosed with ADHD at an early age.
I am now 31, and the sleep walking has calmed down (still happens every once in a while like when I am sleep deprived) but I still have the dreams.
My fiance wakes me almost nightly to reassure me that everything is okay.
Anyways, the past two weeks I have had the same dream....I am scheduled for surgery at our local hospital (for what I do not know) but I sleep through the morning to wake up and realize I have missed my surgery.
I call the surgeon and reschedule, only to sleep through it again....and again.
This is actually a relief from the madness I normally dream about. However, for the past two nights I have woken to a "vision" of a young boy at the end of our bed with his head resting in his hands just looking at me with a smile. I just close my eyes and drift back off to sleep.
I started using a "sleep app" which records snoring, "dream talking" etc.
I have caught three voices that I cannot explain over the past three weeks.
One, a female voice, saying "can you help me" and it's like she's almost whispering in my ear.
Two, what sounds like a malicious voice saying "NOTHING"
Three, a female voice saying my name.
My fiance was a skeptic at first to my "feelings" and all of this, but it now freaks him out.
We have also caught knocking at the wee hours of the morning, always in threes.
We are light sleepers, yet it has NEVER woke us up.
I am just confused about all of this.
I feel like there is someone always watching me.
Any input would be much appreciated.

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Sorry to hear about your ADHD and night terrors.

I think that this "little boy" your seeing is either 1.) A spirit who used to live in your house. or 2.) Your future child (if you're planning to have children). I've also experienced knocking in my house- in threes, twos, ones; it's nothing to be too worried about, and is pretty standard in terms of paranormal activity. I think you're picking up on the various spirits in your home who would like to contact you, or are communicating with each other. I think the spirit who said your name is a female deceased relative of yours, probably great grandma on mom's side of family. I hope this helped.

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that woman who you heard saying can you help me really needs your guidance in finding the light. Always remember that things can echo from the past, bricks in wales can record energies etc. I believe the boy you are seeing is related to the woman asking for help. As for the voice calling your name listen as it may be your guide or a relative trying to help you commune to the spirit world better. you have a gift Kristen.
These dreams are intrusive thoughts as this appointment is of utmost importance to you, your worrying to much about it, don't worry you wont miss it, in fact you may find you wake up before your alarm.

3 Knock is what I ask spirit to do if there is anyone there too, if there's a response don't be afraid :)

The Crimson Fox

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