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Need advice massive energy buildup opening portals

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A friend of mine moved into an apartment that has a lot of paranormal activity going on. Moving is not really an option. I never even noticed anything amiss until entering his bedroom. In less than a second I was flabbergasted. My ability to see and feel subtle energies is better than most (for instance can see human auras). A huge energy buildup was evident around the edges of the ceiling. From this energy was flowing to and creating 7 portals or vortexes. Not even by my own choice my body started throwing out energy beams to close them. This worked but it is only a temporary fix as are any cleansing rituals I know of. One problem is the energy recharges daily and is strongest about 3am. A friend and I set up some stones and crystals to dissipate and change the energy to a move beneficial one. It helped some but is miniscule compared to what is needed. I was not terribly fond of using them as entities can become trapped or attached to them but we have taken precautions against this. At times it is like a train station with various beings and orbs coming thru one portal and leaving by another. Also the energy buildup is so strong I'am certain it will damage humans. Asking guardians for help maybe out of the question as along time ago I tried to send any I might have had away. My understanding is I should contact my own guardians to at as intermediaries to my friend's guardian's. He is unwilling to try to contact them himself but I may give it a shot if I can contact his directly. Any idea's what I can do to stop this activity and dissipate the energy to a harmless level?

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Phew I wrote you a book! TL;DR on bottom.

I created my account not too long ago and as soon as I saw the title to this post I knew I had to respond! I understand where you're coming from.

This year is a special year of transformation, action, and opening the veil it seems. I grew up in an extremely 'active' house/plot of land growing up. I haven't felt that craziness since until around Feb. this year.

My old haunted bedroom had 3.5 doorways/portals. The window, left side of the closet, and my bookcase by the door. (The 0.5 is the whole freaking ceiling LOL) Honestly, I think those portals and vortexes of energy will in some way always be there. Always.

Your story and how you describe it is eerily similar to mine! I take steps to avoid attachment and dispel negativity, but like yin/yang I think both will always find a way in to visit. I would try to focus on the positive. Why would anything harmful come if the place is billowing with beings of light and joy? Like mold, flies, and other 'negatives' to get rid of them just make an unsuitable environment. :)

But of course don't taunt or dismiss negative/unwanted energies or entities. Even though scary, they teach us lessons to be strong. We all have our own 'personal demons' from anger, gluttony, and in the extreme negative 'paranormal' entities that attach. How can you tell your grumpy nailbiter gremlin to leave when you've been biting your nails for the last 10 years? Irritate "em! Lol but don't give negative feelings too much of your attention. Focus on positive energy. (Your crystals are great for this)

Scott Cunningham has some good Wiccan tips on portals and the like if you go more into the ritualistic fashion of vortexes/portals opening and closing.

My advice is invite positive things in to keep the negative at bay. They will provide if you so shall ask. Make that salt line and nobody bad aint crossin it! :) Good luck!

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