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An old experience

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Hey all!

So, it's kind of an old story that happened to me when I first started studying at the university, so it must be about 4 or 3 years since it happened.

I was actually sleeping ( I think ). I remember that I opened my eyes and suddenly I saw a black wrinkled thing creature, deep black eyes and opened black mouth, like there was nothing inside it. Like it was pure darkness or something like that. I actually freaked out, cause it was coming closer to my face. I felt it like touching my face. I wouldn't say that I felt fear, more like shock. I instantly pushed it away and stood up. That's when I remember that I "woke up" cause when I felt like that I did, It was like I left the sleeping phase.. Can't really tell.. The weird thing is that when I "woke up" I was on my feet, I turned on the lights immediately to see where that thing went, but nothing.

After some research I couldn't find much. More like sleep paralysis. Anyone of you experienced anything like that?

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Sleep paralysis is a bit different. It is a feeling being immobile, even held, sometimes forcibly, in place. This, am sorry to say, could have been a dream. But, the eyes and mouth, I have seen many times with spirits and other beings, not spirit, but not living flesh, so...being. Has it happened since then? Or at all prior to this one event?

Once saw a woman, while I was awake, walking a property, stroll out of an elevator that no longer had a working car in the shaft, dressed as though she were a waiter or bar staff, no eyes, black inside her mouth (as in her eyes) and smoke wafting out of each.
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