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Can we feel spirit when they are around?

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:26 pm

Do you ever get that odd sensation sometimes that you feel that you are not alone. That someone is watching you. I sometimes sit at my computer and I feel as though someone is stood right behind me with their hands on my shoulders. At night in bed I feel as though someone is brushing their hand over my head. Just like your grandparents or parents would do when I was a child.

Anyone else experienced this?

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:44 pm

Absolutely. Like a heightened energy or frequency change when something is near. Feel the hairs stand on end, and eyes on ya.

Once worked a site when I was in security, was the sight of a bad fire. The smell of the bodies was still present in the wood of the stairs and banisters-- and this was 40 years later. All night, I felt something watching. That particular night, felt hunted. And I so dubbed the entity 'The Hunter.' Would follow on my rounds, from near and far and it would laugh. I hated that SOB. (That site also saw another of our guards bitten on a tricep while the building was locked down.)

As for the soothing bedside manner. Understand that, too. Woke up one night, someone watching me. When I opened my eyes, there was an oil thick black face inches from mine. (holy @#% moment, if there ever was one) But they did not advance. Did not feel ill-intented at all. More than one was around my bed that night. The one who woke me said that everything would be okay, that they would take care of me.

Two days later, I woke up with the flu. But, they stayed close. My parents did not check on me much. I was largely left in my room, saw them twice a day. The spirits, I felt them touch my arms, my head, as if putting rags on me (and they felt wet! I rebelled against the chill--fever fight type thing). Those spirits became a second family to me for the next five years, until another psychic and I helped them cross over.

Can totally happen!
When I am gone and all light is lost, you will see me again...

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:09 pm

When I first started playing the piano after my awakening as it were back in the day, i could always feel like i was being watched or studied .... in the room where my piano was. Spoke to my brother who didn't believe at the time but err.... no luck there. lol, but i found out its actually a music guide for me playing the piano...a musical spirit who likes to sit in and listen to me when i play, so yes..... absolutely. Prime example of feeling spirit though when they are around, I think.

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:28 pm

Thanks for your post ShadowOfLight Interesting! I have had other experiences but I'll post these separately as they are quite specific. I'll make a list of them here though
- White energy ball or large glowing orb in the corner of my bedroom near the ceiling while suffering paralysis.
- smell of lavender following me around.
- Pets outline re-appearing in the dog bed for months after she passed on.
- Instant flu like symptons (at night) temperature dropped so much you could see my breath and it was in summer.
- scratch marks appearing all over a new plastered wall.
- young boy seen by others walking with me and Helen even though there was only the two of us.
- neighbours complaining about the noise in my home when I was asleep alone.
- footsteps in the attic above my bedroom.

the list goes on

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:54 pm

Oh, man, been there.

Sounds like the house I lived in with all the activity. Have experiences to match nearly every one of those. You're not goin crazy. Ha! Ha! All but the scratches on the wall. Are they high, low, middle? Doorframes?

Bro and I had gone to our rooms early one night (before midnight). Mom woke up to two people arguing--and LOUD. shouting, screaming, things being thrown. Two teenage Aries in the house, this was not out of her normal day.

She yelled at us to shut up. No change in the ruckus. So, she got up to tear us new ones and, when she opened her door, nothing. No sound. No lights on in the house. Just a blue glow on all the walls, ceiling and floor. Few days later, she told us, and that it scared her badly. Think she would have called a priest, but she remembers what happened the last time (different residence). Lol, she left me home alone for that aftermath once the priest left after the blessing then she went out for the night. I was ducking things most of that night....

The lights/orbs/rods can be something.
Slightly off topic as no paralysis in this example, but largest I've seen, was when a friend of mine came to spend the night. Out of HS by then, she brought over her Ghost Stories tapes and we were going to make a night of it (huge mistake). As we unloaded her car, and we had screwed up by not getting to it before dark (things came out at dark there), a large, white orb materialized near her head/shoulder. She saw this, too. Was the size of a basketball. It shot down the length of the house and we heard the trees at the edge of the property rustle. we RAN! I got to the door first and held it open, making sure she got in safely. As I did so, something ran up on us. Dark, robed, and from the direction of the unmarked grave just over the property line. The grave had a tendency to glow, even in the daytime--depending. (is the only thing that has ever made my guide scream)

I got that door shut just before it reached my own shoulder. My friend, I thought was going to hyperventilate. She said she could see that thing, too, felt it through the wall. Is the only thing I would have ever labeled as evil. She and another friend who had seen it dubbed it 'death.'

Look forward to seeing your further posts of experiences.
When I am gone and all light is lost, you will see me again...

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Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:25 pm

I most certainly believe we can feel spirits when they are some way.
Sometimes random scents will manifest reminding me of my childhood.. (smells reminding me of my childhood at my great grandmother's cottage)
Other times, I get a strange sensation in my ear. ..Almost as if I'm picking up some sort of electronic frequency for a few moments. This often happens when I'm speaking or thinking of someone who has passed.

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Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:30 am

People and spirits usually leave me well alone. Most things feel intimidated by me or cannot relate well with me.

I've had most of my spiritual experiences when it seems that I've been under mental stress or have not slept well. I do not have diagnosis of any mental ailment and do not take medication.

I only allow people and spirits to interact with me on my terms. I am open to all possibilities and do not believe in limitations of anything. We are all everything; capable of everything. Our mind and soul do not have the limitations of our bodies that give us this source of energy.

However, I guess my curiosity is being open to more experiences... I've experienced "positive" and "negative" "spirits" frequently, but I don't think I've ever allowed myself to open up fully to all experiences. I've also never committed to practice of magic, but I have read many source materials for knowledge sake. (When I read them, I do not will them -- reading them with my chakras. I read them in sterile and logical nature.)


"Spirits" within this realm I feel pity for... Those that feel that shape and appearance are necessary seem to need more energy than those that keep form simple and "travel" light. Those that project appearance seem to need to find alternate energy sources to maintain those images without a physical body. They are pitiful things; demons, ghosts, etc. They are wretched in nature, weak, and symbiotic. They are of the mental focus that existence is necessary. They are afraid of not existing and hide from anything that may notice them and will them in directions they are afraid. They steal and feed. I do not welcome them or fear them. When I sense them I shun them with feelings of generic love and pity. (Even now typing of such spiritual types my heart chakra is given slight pain.) They should not be afraid of the abyss or the next. There is no bondage nor need to exist.

When loved ones pass I assure that I let them go immediately. They do not belong around me or my family if they have let their bodies go. Our minds and souls will have memories of their love. They are to become the next; and not the past. Their memories are touched lightly and love is wrapped around the link that binds our souls. Memories are meant to fade; lest they corrupt into an inaccurate thoughtform entity.

Identity is temporary. Will is the way; corporal or discorporal.

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Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:04 pm

I wonder if I’m just wishing for the contact so much that I assume things are contact. I thought I felt him beside me.

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Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:49 pm

I get a high pitch sound (like static when someone turns on an old box tv) to me its energy so defiantly something's there but what I don't know. The only way I can explain the feeling someone's there is if you blindfold yourself and walk around, you can feel obstacle in your way and it to me is the same sensation.
Other family members have felt my gran around and have felt her hand upon them.
Others have felt darker energies around them.

And I really think curb your experience is a genuine one. Test for signs like knocks or sensations maybe?

So yes you can feel spirit when they are around you:)
Rise again, Aileni.

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Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:40 pm

I have felt energies around me all my life, and i didn't know what they were until years later. I have always been visited by people from my past lives, (found that out personally with visions of my past in recent years) and they have guided me during my darkest times in my life, I have even felt my great grandmother near me. The day my mom found out she was pregnant with me was the day my great grandmother passed away. I have also had connections with other people around me, even visited some people on occasion in the spiritual realm and still to this day, i can sense and sometimes see other spirits around me. I will share a short story here with you.

I had moved to florida back in Feb. of 2017 to live with my then gf. We went to a grocery store named Publix and on my first visit there, I saw hundreds of grey figures, human and animal, just standing around, some looking like they pulled a item off the shelf, look at it, and then return it to the shelf, but the object doesnt actually move. In a way, i had a panic attack/meltdown/freakout whichever you want to call it, because i had never experienced it before and i actually had to leave the store and sit back in the car while my gf's parents paid for the groceries. at the time i didnt understand why they were there, but i also knew i could never help them either. Hope this story helps enlighten you on what your asking about.

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